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Read Me


<H1> ITK-SNAP README (Versions 2.1.4 and Later) </H1>

<h3>Welcome!</h3> <p> 

Thank you for your interest in ITK-SNAP! By using this program you are joining
an ever growing community of SNAP users from research labs around the world.
ITK-SNAP is an open-source software application made possible by the
committment of dedicated developers, who often make contributions on a
volunteer basis. Original development of ITK-SNAP was supported by the U.S.
National Library of Medicine through PO 467-MZ-202446-1.  Subsequent
development of ITK-SNAP version 2.0 has been supported by the  U.S.  National
Institute of Biomedical Imaging and BioEngineering and the NIH Blueprint for
Neuroscience through grant 1 R03 EB008200-01. 

<p> ITK-SNAP is the result of over 10 years of work by many researchers,
software engineers and students. Please visit the <a
  href="http:/">Credits page</a> to learn about the
people that made ITK-SNAP possible!</p>

<h3> Get Involved! </h3>

<p> Your participation as a user, developer or sponsor is essential to
ensuring a bright future for ITK-SNAP future. There are many ways in which you
can contribute to the stability and quality of this program: </p>

  <li> By participating in the <a
    href="">ITK-SNAP User and Developer Mailing Lists</a>.</li>
  <li> By reporting bugs and suggesting enhancements using the <a
    href="">Bug Tracker</a>.</li>
  <li> By joining the ITK-SNAP Development Team on <a
    href=""></a> and contributing source code.

<h3> Getting Started </h3>

  <li> If you downloaded ITK-SNAP as a binary executable from <a
    href=""></a>, you can get
  started by reading the <a
  href="">online tutorial</a>.</li>

  <li> If you downloaded ITK-SNAP source code, please follow these <a
    instructions</a> to compile and build ITK-SNAP.</li>

  <li> You will need a 3D image to use this software.  Images with which
  ITK-SNAP is known to work can be downloaded from  <a

<h3> Asking Questions </h3>

If you have a question about ITK-SNAP, here are the places where you may find an
answer. Keep in mind that since ITK-SNAP in not a commercial product, it may take a
little while for an answer to arrive!

  <li> If you have an question about how to use SNAP or why it's not doing what
  it should, post in on the <a
    href="">ITK-SNAP Users' List</a>.</li>

  <li> If you have a technical question or a questing related to ITK, join the
  <a href="">ITK Users' Mailing List</a> and
  post your question there. </li>