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ipmiutil-2.9.5 is released

The ipmiutil-2.9.5 release has now been posted.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries and documentation.

11/03/2014 ARCress ipmiutil-2.9.5 changes
util/iseltime.c - fix UTC conversion issue in show_time()
util/ipmilan.c - only show Opening/Connecting messages if fdebugcmd
configure.ac - added enable-libsensors to add sensor modules to lib
util/Makefile.am - added LIBSENSORS/SAM2OBJ variables for libsensors
util/ipmicmd.c - changed ipmi_sendrecv to handle different oem lun
icmd.c - add -p option for port (from Rafal Zajac)
ipmicmd.c/.h - changes to handle -p lan option (from Rafal Zajac)
ipmilan.c/.h - changes to handle custom lan port (from Rafal Zajac)
idcmi.c - add -p port option
igetevent.c - add -p port option
ipmi_sample.c - add -p port option
ipmi_sample_evt.c - add -p port option
isel.c - add -p port option
isol.c - add -p port option
util/ipmiutil*.mak - add mt.exe to embed manifest
lib/Makefile.am - new, fix for automake
lib/libipmiutil.pc.in - new, fix for pkg-config
configure.ac - add support for pkg-config,
add enable-useflags option for cross-compiling
debpkg/ - renamed from debian/ to debpkg/ (jff)
util/iconfig.c - fix optvals loop out-of-bounds (from jff-webhosting.net)
util/ievents.c - fix NFWERRS/NFWSTAT potential out-of-bounds (jff)
util/ifirewall.h - fix netfn out-of-bounds around line 1064 (jff)
doc/ipmiutil.spec - move libipmiutil.a to ipmiutil-static package (fedora)
ipmiutil-2.9.5 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.95
...(various subcommands) ver 2.95
ismcoem (ipmiutil smcoem) ver 2.95
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2014-11-04

ipmiutil-2.9.4 is released

The ipmiutil-2.9.4 is now released on sourceforge at http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net
There is one enhancement of interest:
With 'ipmiutil lan -e', there is a new -O option to disable insecure parameters, like anonymous user and cipher 0.
And there are several bug fixes. Details below.

08/08/2014 ARCress ipmiutil-2.9.4 changes
util/isensor.c - for -j: more debug output & handle if recid=0,
longer KCS timeouts for Supermicro
util/idcmi.c - cast ulong for << 24
util/ipmilan.c - cast ulong for << 24
util/oem_hp.c - check unit1 bits last
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - for bridge response change memcpy to memmove
lib/lanplus/helper.c - use LANHELPER compile flag
util/subs.c - use LANHELPER compile flag
util/ilan.c - add -O secure option (disable null user, cipher0=off)
util/ipmild.c - fix --enable-landesk build error for support-request 9
util/ipmicmd.c,.h - fix set_lan_options memory leak to use LAN_OPT
util/ipmilan.c - use LAN_OPT, fix socket leaking if TCP.
util/ipmilanplus.c - use LAN_OPT
util/ihealth.c - added 2 new SuperMicro product ids
util/md2.h - added openssl exception license text also
util/Makefile.am - fix error if INS_LIB
ipmiutil-2.9.4 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.94
...(various subcommands) ver 2.94
ismcoem (ipmiutil smcoem) ver 2.94
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2014-08-08

ipmiutil-2.9.3 is released

The ipmiutil-2.9.3 release has been posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binaries and documentation.
The detailed changes are below.

03/28/2013 ARCress ipmiutil-2.9.3 changes
doc/ipmiutil.spec - add 'BuildRequires: systemd' if Fedora >= 15
scripts/install.cmd - split mkdir into two steps
scripts/ipmi_info - return 0 even if sysinfo is not supported
scripts/ipmi_port.sh - redirect threshold.sh output to thresh_out.txt
util/ifru.c - [thibaulf88] Add another valid type (0x0) in ValidTL,
Add end-of-string char in binary case of decode_string function.
removed #ifdef OLD nSec case
util/ievents.c - parse SMI as if BMC when getting sensor description
util/isel.c - fix optarg for -l
util/i.c - handle SUPEMICRO and SUPERMICROX the same
util/iconfig.c - use ipmi_reserved_user() to skip user1 sometimes
util/ilan.c - set default SOL_AUTH to operator if SUPERMICRO
util/ihealth.c - call get_device_guid if system guid error
util/subs.c - added get_device_guid routine
util/ipmi_sample.c - use get_BiosVersion also
util/isensor.c - add PS Fan Fail case, move SDR typedefs to isensor.h,
fix for -j jumpstart premature end.
util/isensor.h - move SDR typedefs to isensor.h
util/oem_fujitsu.c - return error if no OEM sensor status string
util/Makefile.am - build iseltime by default, build libipmiutil.so,
configure.ac - include -fPIC in OS_CFLAGS, exclude .so if Mac/Solaris,
added -Wunused-result -Wgnu-designator to cfwarn
INSTALL - update Windows build instructions
doc/UserGuide - update Windows build instructions, added API section 9
doc/ipmiutil.spec - include libipmiutil.so
- changes from review by JuhaniN
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - clean up compile warnings (OliverS)
util/idcmi.c util/iekanalyzer.c - clean up compile warnings (OliverS)
util/ipmiutil2.mak util/ipmiutil2-64.mak - makefile cleanup (OliverS)
cleanwin.cmd util/ipmiutil.mak util/ipmiutil64.mak - ditto
ipmiutil-2.9.3 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.93
...(various subcommands) ver 2.93
ismcoem (ipmiutil smcoem) ver 2.93
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2014-03-31

ipmiutil-2.9.1 is released

The ipmiutil-2.9.1 release is now posted to sourceforge at http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net.
This release includes support for MacOS as an IPMI LAN client. Native support for the AppleBMC.kext driver is not yet included, until we can find documentation or sample code for its interface.

There are also various enhancements and bug fixes, see below.

05/15/2013 ARCress ipmiutil-2.9.1 changes
configure.in - changes to support MACOS, HAVE_SOCKLEN_T
lib/lanplus/lanplus_defs.h - changes for HAVE_SOCKLEN_T for MACOS
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - #ifdef MACOS
util/.c - getopt includes for MACOS, other MACOS ifdefs
util/isel.c - change header if -n/-c, move delete/clear from -c to -d,
add -u to use UTC sel times.
util/ievent.c - define header string if -n, add format_event(),
handle fcanonical uniformly
util/ipmi_sample.c - changed nsec from 5 to 10 by default, added -i
util/ipmiutil.mak - build ipmi_sample2.exe by default
util/ipmiutil64.mak - build ipmi_sample2.exe by default
util/ihealth.c - add better HP product code names (feat#6)
util/ifru.c - handle DDR3 format SPD data
util/igetevent.c - use offset 3 for sel_time
util/oem_dell.c - some cleanup, reorder ActiveLOM_Strings
.c - call format_event to handle fcanonical uniformly
util/isensor.c - fix parse_idx for 3 hex digits from -i,
add -j to Jumpstart SDR cache from file
util/ihealth.c - add 2 more SuperMicro product ids
util/oem_supermicro.c - added get/set lanport
util/*.c - clean up some compile warnings
scripts/checksel - use sel -d
scripts/checksel.cmd - use sel -d
scripts/evt.sh - add sample snmptrap logic
scripts/Makefile.am - add ipmi.init.basic
doc/ipmiutil.spec - add ipmi.init.basic
doc/isel.8 - change -c to -d, add new -c/-n description, add -u
doc/UserGuide - updated with current man pages
ipmiutil-2.9.1 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.91
...(various subcommands) ver 2.91
ismcoem (ipmiutil smcoem) ver 2.91
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2013-05-15

ipmiutil-2.9.0 is released

The ipmiutil-2.9.0 release is now available on sourceforge at http://ipmiutil.sf.net
It includes some changes to allow ipmiutil lib programs to handle iterating on a list of remote nodes (see ipmi_sample -f), additional changes for SuperMicro systems, and a new function 'iseltime' to sync the system, RTC, and IPMI SEL times.

Detailed changes in this release:
04/08/2013 ARCress ipmiutil-2.9.0 changes
util/ihealth.c - set SuperMicro product 0x60B to 'X8SIA',
added 0x0705 as 'X9DR7'
util/ilan.c - dont show extra dest params if invalid, IP dots,
add interpretation for Cipher Suites
util/ipmicmd.c - update Solaris driver message for lipmi
util/ipmi_sample.c - added GetSensorReading sample logic,
added -l option for looping on sensor readings
util/isensor.h - added decode_comp_reading
util/ipmilan.c - added ipmi_flush_lan, handle multiple opens,
added busy_tries for Node Busy error
util/ipmilan.h - added ipmi_flush_lan
util/ipmilanplus.c - added LAN2_STRUCT for multiple opens,
added open logic to close first if new nodename.
lan/lanplus/lanplus.c - ipmi_req_entries=NULL in ipmi_req_clear_entries
buildwin.cmd - cosmetic findstr change
buildwin2.cmd - updated for Win x64 builds (without lanplus)
util/ipmiutil.mak - cosmetic change
util/ipmiutil64.mak - cosmetic change
util/ipmiutil2.mak - updated for sample builds, clarity
util/ipmiutil2-64.mak - NEW, for Win x64 builds
util/ipmi_sample.mak - added MARCH for IX86 or X64
util/ievents.c - add decode_mem_supermicro call,
handle parse_lan_options better.
util/oem_supermicro.h - new, supermicro routines
util/oem_supermicro.c - update decode_sel_supermicro,
added decode_mem_supermicro,
added i_smcoem, ipmi_smcoem_main
util/ipmiutil.c - added i_smcoem
util/ipmiutil.h - added i_smcoem
util/iseltime.c - new, show/sync system time and SEL time
util/subs.c - added strlen_() wrapper for compile warnings
util/ipmicmd.h - added strlen_()
util/Makefile.am - add iseltime, set LD_SAMX for libipmiutil.a
configure.in - build libipmiutil with lanplus by default
doc/iseltime.8 - new, man page for iseltime
doc/ismcoem.8 - new, man page for iseltime
doc/UserGuide - updated Windows file list in section 5.0,
add iseltime man page
doc/ipmiutil.spec - add autoconf to %build for aarch64/ARM64 bug 925593
ipmiutil-2.9.0 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.90
...(various subcommands) ver 2.90
iseltime (iseltime) ver 2.90
ismcoem (ipmiutil smcoem) ver 2.90
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2013-04-09

ipmiutil-2.8.8 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.8 bundle is released to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sf.net for binaries, docs, etc.
The main changes were to include Win x64 pre-built binaries, and some cleanups for SuperMicro.

02/05/2013 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.8 changes
util/ihealth.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX, product X8SIU
util/ilan.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/iconfig.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/iserial.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/isensor.c - caveat if sensor reading not present
util/oem_supermicro.c - added Power Supply sensor status
util/isel.c - show record id if compcode = 0xcb
util/ireset.c - added EFI compile flags
util/ievents.c - handle fake SMS_OS threshold events
util/ipmiutil64.mak - NEW, for Win x64 builds
lan/lanplus/lanplus.c - remove asserts
lan/lanplus/lanplus_crypt.c - x64 HMAC tweaks and remove asserts
lan/lanplus/lanplus_crypt_impl.c - handle x64 types in lanplus_HMAC
doc/UserGuide - add 'Run as administrator' note in 5.1 Win Install
buildwin.cmd - detect if VC is Win x64 and use ipmiutil64.mak
test/unittest.cmd - NEW, ipmiutil unit test for Windows
ipmiutil-2.8.8 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.88

Posted by Andy Cress 2013-02-07

ipmiutil-2.8.7 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.7 release is now posted on sourceforge at http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net.

12/13/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.7 changes
Always compile Windows with Visual Studio (fixes bug#3592308)
scripts/ipmi_info - new, to set IPMI System Info if supported
scripts/Makefile.am - added ipmi_info
doc/ipmiutil.spec - added ipmi_info
util/ipmims.cpp - fix memory leak
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - if HP, don't build any v1.5 commands
util/ipmilanplus.c - add hp case to ipmi_oem_active()
configure.in - fixup for HP-UX case
util/isol.c - add -k for keepalive timeout
util/isensor.c - revised output format for -c
util/ipmilanplus.c - fix keepalive data_len in Windows (#3592308)
util/ialarms.c - add -e to skip disk enclosure LEDs
util/oem_intel.c - add rcmd method for Romley disk LEDs

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-12-17

ipmiutil-2.8.6 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.6 package has now been released.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries, source, docs, etc.

10/08/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.6 changes
doc/ipmiutil.spec - added F18 systemd macros
test/ipmievt.sh - get fresh sensor readings before calculations
util/ievents.c - added -n to generate a New platform event,
added SENSORS_OK flag for ipmi_sample_evt
util/isensor.c - show correct sensor type for EvtOnly sensors
util/oem_intel.c - dont get disk LEDs if Intel TSRMT2,
remove 'Fatal' from AER descriptions,
added a few more S5000 POST code descriptions
util/igetevents.c - ppid==1 in mkdaemon is ok
util/ihealth.c - show Romley BMC build version
util/oem_dell.c - added 'passwordpolicy' command for Dell C6220
util/ipmi_sample_evt.c - new, sample app to get events
util/isel.c - moved syslog routines to subs.c
util/subs.c - inserted syslog routines
util/isol.c - add -n option for payload instance number
util/imbapi.c - only include DllMain if IMBDLL flag
util/ialarms.c - added TEST_ENC compile flag for ialarms_enc,
fixed case for old Intel/NSC TIGPT1U
util/Makefile.am - add ipmi_sample_evt, ialarms_enc
util/Makefile.sample - add ipmi_sample_evt
util/ipmi_sample.mak - add ipmi_sample_evt.exe
util/ipmiutil.mak - add ipmi_sample_evt.exe, ipmiutillib.dll
util/ipmiutil2.mak - add ipmi_sample_evt.exe
util/ipmiutillib.def - new, for ipmiutillib.dll
ipmiutil-2.8.6 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.86
...(various subcommands) ver 2.86
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-10-08

ipmiutil-2.8.5 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.5 release is now posted to sourceforge.
Please check http://ipmiutil.sf.net for binaries, docs, etc.

08/07/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.5 changes
util/oem_dell.c - add 'static void' to ipmi_delloem_getled_usage()
util/idcmi.c - fixes for bug#3526523
util/ipmicmd.h - define Cisco IANA number
util/subs.c - include Cisco in manufacturers list
util/ihealth.c - handle Cisco get_chan_auth bug#3535196,
change to 'Sec Operating System' in sysinfo
util/ifru.c - change to 'Sec Operating System' in sysinfo
util/mem_if.c - add get_Chassis_Sernum()
util/ilan.c - add '-L list' show_chans function
util/oem_intel.c - set to 4 disk LEDs if CG1200
util/imbapi.c - fixed rsp offset for ipmb bridged cmds
util/isensor.c - fixed module presence sensor decoding
util/ievents.c - simplify redundancy & presence decoding,
add board presence decoding,
decode Intel OEM PCI bus:dev:func data
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - fixed 2 possible memory leaks,
patch contributed by Oliver Stoneberg
doc/ilan.8 - mention RMM chan 3, add -L list description
scripts/checksel - fix /usr/sbin to /usr/bin for bug#3538998
debian/dirs, postinst - fix /usr/sbin to /usr/bin for binary
buildwin.cmd - cleanup, simplify Windows build (Oliver Stoneberg)
buildwin2.cmd - cleanup, simplify Windows build
buildsamp.cmd - cleanup, simplify Windows build
cleanwin.cmd - cleanup, simplify Windows build
lib/ipmilib.mak - cleanup, simplify Windows build
lib/lanplus/ipmiplus.mak - cleanup, simplify Windows build
util/ipmiutil.mak - cleanup, simplify Windows build (Oliver Stoneberg)
util/ipmiutil2.mak - cleanup, simplify Windows build
util/ipmi_sample.mak - cleanup, simplify Windows build
util/igetevents.c - added pid==1 check in mkdaemon
util/ilan.c - fix bug #3554862 for IBM non-conformance
configure.in - set CFLAGS if --enable-systemd
ipmiutil-2.8.5 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.85
...(various subcommands) ver 2.85
idcmi (ipmiutil dcmi) ver 2.85
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-08-13

ipmiutil-2.8.4 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.4 release is posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries (rpm/deb/gz), and source.

Summary of changes:
- added HPUX compile options, needs more testing
- several bug fixes
- added ipmi_sample2 as a more elaborate example
- added Intel CATERR decoding
- added big-endian support in dell oem functions

06/13/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.4 changes
configure.in - detect HP-UX and set compile options,
check for ltmain.sh, else beforeconf.sh
util/*.c - #ifdef HPUX, skip getopt since it is in stdio.h,
handle DLPI for HPUX instead of SIOC.
TODO: We need someone to test this on HPUX.
util/ilan.c - prioritize existing Dest IP if not using -A,
default to arp_ctl 0x03 if Intel Romley
util/idcmi.c - fix rlen, argc, priv for bug#3523229 (DCMI 1.1)
fix activate param check for bug#3526523
util/ihealth.c - move _sysinfo routines from here,
call get_hsbp_version_intel if Romley
util/subs.c - move _sysinfo routines to here
util/ipmicmd.c - add -Fibm option
util/ipmilan.c - if -Fibm, do not get_rand for init_out_seq
util/ireset.c - set OEM boot option if HP for bug#3527355,
add -i/-j for boot initiator mailbox string
fix printf bug #3534551
util/ifru.c - refine calculation for Mfg DateTime
util/ievents.c - add Intel CATERR decoding
util/oem_dell.c - merged 01-powermonitor-bigendian.patch,
merged 03-delloem-help.patch,
fix debug printf at line 4289 by adding %x
util/Makefile.am - build ipmi_sample2 with sensor,fru,sel
install ipmicmd.h into $(includedir),
use $objdir to fix parallel build bug 3523822,
add LANPLUS_LIB to dependencies
doc/UserGuide, doc/*.8 - reflect that cipher suites are 0 thru 17
doc/ireset.8 - added -i/-j descriptions
doc/ipmiutil.spec - devel virtually provides static,
devel ipmicmd.h into %_includedir
doc/rh_spec.patch - new, customize spec file for Red Hat bug#818910
ipmiutil-2.8.4 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.84
...(various subcommands) ver 2.84
idcmi (ipmiutil dcmi) ver 2.84
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-06-13

ipmiutil-2.8.3 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.3 release has been posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binaries and documentation.

Overview of changes:
- added delloem SEL decoding and several bugfixes
- added Newisys SEL decoding
- added some Intel Romley OEM logic
- plus other bug fixes and enhancements

04/23/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.3 changes
util/oem_intel.c - fix Romley DIMM decoding with intel_mem_s2600,
add Version Change event OEM detail,
added get_power_restore_delay_intel()
util/ilan.c - additional safeguards in PefDesc,
fix setting PEF/Alert (introduced in 2.7.9),
use previous dest mac if not resolved.
util/ihealth.c - added error cases with decode_selftest,
format romley prodstr with (),
fix #3516915 with more chassis status decoding,
added call to get_power_restore_delay_intel
util/ipmilan.c - handle some compile warnings
util/ievents.c - change some NMFW/ME event descriptions
util/isensor.c - show Entity ID if -v (but not -t),
move Dell Discrete Voltage to oem_dell.c to fix
Romley VR Watchdog,
added get_sdr_file routine for ipmi_sample2
util/oem_dell.c - fix #3514908 powerconsumption cannot find error,
added decode_sel_dell() merged from patches by
fix #3514925 LOM MAC display error,
added getled function to read ID LED
util/oem_newisys.c - new, decode_sel_newisys()
util/oem_kontron.c - added sensor types 0x70, 0x71
util/ipmi_sample.c - v0.4, added GET_SENSORS case
util/ireset.c - add -k for ColdReset, -m for MC, use -v for DVD/CD
util/Makefile.am - added GET_SENSORS case for ipmi_sample2
util/ipmiutil.mak - added GET_SENSORS case for ipmi_sample2
util/imbapi.c - reduce MAX_RETRIES from 3 to 2, do ipmb for ME_BUS
util/ilan.c - added GetFirstIP for WIN32
util/idiscover.c - call GetFirstIP for WIN32 if -a
util/AnsiTerm.cpp - default AutoWrap = true in ResetTerm
doc/ireset.8 - document -k, -m, -v
doc/idiscover.8 - document -a defaults better
doc/UserGuide - resync with man pages
doc/ipmiutil.spec - skip chkconfig if systemd
debian/prerm - remove /etc/cron.daily/checksel if present
configure.in - fix error checking for PKG_DIR
ipmiutil-2.8.3 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.83
...(various subcommands) ver 2.83
idcmi (ipmiutil dcmi) ver 2.83
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.9
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-04-24

ipmiutil-2.8.2 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.2 release is now posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binary packages, docs, etc.

Overview of the changes:
* some changes to support systemd scripts,
* some HP Proliant sensor reading interpretations
* disk fault LED handling for Intel Romley

Details below:
03/12/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.2 changes
doc/* - moved scripts from here
scripts/* - moved scripts to here
scripts/Makefile.am - new, for script handling
scripts/ipmiutil_asy - use -b instead of -t0
scripts/ipmiutil_asy.service - use -b instead of -t0
doc/Makefile.am - remove script handling
doc/isensor.8 - added 'Typ' header description
doc/ipmiutil.spec - use systemd scripts if systemctl, and
use SYSV init scripts otherwise (RH bug 789702),
move ipmiutil from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin,
add %req_systemd and --enable-systemd for suse
util/ipmiva.c - removed, obsolete valinux driver
util/ipmiva.h - removed, obsolete valinux driver
util/ipmi_ioctls.h - removed, obsolete valinux driver
util/ipmignu.c - removed, obsolete libfreeipmi interface code
util/Makefile.am - remove ipmiva.c, ipmignu.c drivers,
move ipmiutil from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin
util/ievents.c - handle deassert/ok for discrete Battery Fail
util/oem_hp.c - new, add decode_sensor_hp for discrete readings
on HP ProLiant servers
util/isensor.c - call decode_sensor_hp if vendor==HP
util/ipmicmd.c - removed valinux, libfreeipmi from messages
util/oem_kontron.c - fix get_fru_area_str NULL pointer check
util/oem_intel.c - add more Romley product IDs and descriptions
fixes bug# 3497948,
added logic to enc_leds_intel routines for Romley
util/ihealth.c - use intel_romley_desc for Romley descriptions
util/ialarms.c - added -f option to turn off all disk leds
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - fix bridged lanplus session close failures
freeipmi/* - removed unused files
configure.in - handle scripts subdir, remove va/gnu,
handle if %_initrddir does not exist,
add enable-systemd parameter, installs %_unitdir
ipmiutil-2.8.2 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.82
...(various subcommands) ver 2.82
idcmi (ipmiutil dcmi) ver 2.82
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.8
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-03-12

ipmiutil-2.8.1 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.1 release is now posted. See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for rpm, deb, gz, and docs.

This release adds more DCMI 1.1 features, adds IPMI System Info, and includes various bug fixes.

02/10/2012 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.1 changes
util/isensor.c - GetSensorReading: include channel/bus for ME,
use isensor.h,
added decode_entity_id() if -t,
handle CritInterrupt 0x0A,0x0B,
handle HP, Sun returning 0xD4 for fdevsdrs
util/ihealth.c - change format of ME firmware version,
add Quanta S99Q vendor/product interpretation,
added system_info command data,
added list of IPMI LAN channels
util/ipmicmd.c - if DRV_MV, do not use ipmi_cmd_ipmb for ME
util/ipmidir.c - include bus in ProcessMessage (for ME)
util/iconfig.c - show extra LanParam IP address comment,
add lan_failover, system_info as SystemParams,
cleanup some clutter
util/idcmi.c - add get_power_read*, set_power_limit* routines
from Rajaganesh87,
add support for dcmi_get_sensor_info,
add dcmi_set_asset_tag, dcmi_set_mc_id,
util/isensor.h - new, common sensor subroutine definitions
util/oem_sun.c - use isensor.h
util/oem_dell.c - use isensor.h
util/oem_intel.c - add decode_sensor_intel_nm for ME NM sensors,
add lan_failover_intel() routine
util/oem_quanta.c - add interpretation for Quanta S99Q OEM sensor/sel
util/oem_supermicro.c - add decoding for CPU Overheat deassert events
util/ifru.c - for Dell BMC, allow scan with user privilege,
for Dell R415, add 6-bit ASCI decoding,
fixed fdevsdrs mismatch for Dell R610
util/ipmilan.c - add get_rand() for init_out_seq,
handle if per-message auth disabled (Dell PE R415)
util/ilan.c - add lan_failover_intel if -y
util/ievents.c - add -o to specify vendor IANA ID
util/iserial.c - limit show_users to 5 to avoid 0xCC warnings
doc/ihealth.8 - added -mnopq descriptions
doc/ilan.8 - added -y description
doc/itsol.8 - new
doc/idcmi.8 - new
doc/UserGuide - updated man pages
test/testipmi.sh - copy PASS/FAIL messages in output log
configure.in - use --libdir= option for cross-compiles,
fix PKG_DIR for openSuSE 12
ipmiutil-2.8.1 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.81
...(various subcommands) ver 2.81
idcmi (ipmiutil dcmi) ver 2.81
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.09
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.8
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2012-02-10

ipmiutil-2.8.0 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.0 release is now posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries, docs, etc.

There are several new features included in this release:
- support for Intel S2600/Romley baseboards
- support for some DCMI commands (see also http://www.intel.com/technology/product/DCMI/\)
- more SuperMicro decoding
- added ipmiutil-devel Linux rpm
- added ipmiutil MSI for Windows
- updated hpm code to 1.09... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-12-16

ipmiutil-2.7.9 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.9 release has been posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries, docs, etc.

This release adds more Intel Sandy Bridge support, and includes Android ARM support in configure.

10/04/11 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.9 changes
util/isensor.c - check for DIMM disabled bit 0x0100,
add sensor type 0x28 for MC Health,
fix RawToFloat for ARM cross-compiler
util/ilan.c - show param 102 better for S2600CP with -c
util/oem_supermicro.c - add return(rv) at line 182 to fix compile warning
util/oem_dell.c - fix data size to 10 in CheckSetLEDSupport
util/ipmilan.c - resolve compiler warnings,
add #if CROSS_COMPILE for gethostbyname
util/idiscover.c - add #if CROSS_COMPILE for gethostbyaddr
util/subs.c - resolve compiler warnings
util/ievents.c - move Intel DIMM code to decode_mem_intel,
added BMC Drive Slot event decoding if not HSC
util/oem_intel.c - add more to decode_mem_intel,
add is_thurley(), is_romley(), is_lan2intel()
util/ilan.c - add Romley IDs to S2600, skip PEF if disabled,
preferred SOL baud 115200
util/isol.c - use is_lan2intel() for lan2i method
util/ipmicmd.c - show invalid -F string in error message
util/ipmilanplus.c - use is_lan2intel() in ipmi_oem_active()
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - resolve compiler warning
doc/checksel - also save a copy of the SEL in /var/lib/ipmiutil
doc/Makefile.am - do not make *.service files executable
configure.in - separate two sed -i subst's if MontaVista,
add static/CROSS_COMPILE if --host=xxx, e.g. ARM
README - add build instructions for ARM
ipmiutil-2.7.9 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.79
...(various subcommands) ver 2.79
oem_dell (ipmiutil delloem) ver 2.79
itsol (ipmiutil tsol) ver 2.79
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.08
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.8
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-10-04

ipmiutil-2.7.8 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.8 release is now available on sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binaries, docs, etc.

There are several notable new features:
- Adding IPv6 support (thanks Rajaganesh87)
- Adding Dell OEM functions (thanks Srinivas_G_Gowda)
- Adding Tyan SOL support
- Added systemd service scripts, but SysVinit is still what the rpm installs
- Upgraded HPM code from 1.02 to 1.08
- Upgraded to PICMG 2.3 code
Various other fixes and enhancements listed below, from the ChangeLog.... read more

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-09-14

ipmiutil-2.7.7 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.7 release is now available on sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binaries, docs, etc.

Changes in this release:
06/06/11 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.7 changes
util/oem_intel.c - move Aborting message out for BMC TAM
util/ialarms.c - move Aborting message in for BMC TAM
util/ifru.c - fixed bug with -a and not -b (introduced in 2.7.5)
util/icmd.c - add -k to check IPMI access, driver type
util/ipmicmd.h - added CMD_GET_SESSION_INFO
util/ihealth.c - add get_session_info for -s (use -l for lan stats)
util/ipmi_port.c - added signal init
util/igetevent.c - added signal init
util/ilan.c - send snmp error message to stdout, not stderr
util/iconfig.c - send snmp error message to stdout, not stderr
doc/ihealth.8 - document -s, -l options
doc/ipmiutil.spec - description update, added gcc/gcc-c++ to BuildRequires
doc/ipmi_port.sh - $localfs -> $local_fs
doc/ipmiutil_asy - $remotefs -> $remote_fs, use cmd -k to detect driver
doc/ipmiutil_evt - $remotefs -> $remote_fs, use cmd -k to detect driver
doc/ipmiutil_wdt - $remotefs -> $remote_fs, use cmd -k to detect driver
doc/UserGuide - resync'd with man pages
test/unittest.sh - allow getevt timeout to count as success
Makefile.am - enforce UserGuide permissions in make tarball
configure.in - for WRL, enforce -DSKIP_MD2
ipmiutil-2.7.7 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.77
...(various subcommands) ver 2.77
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.7
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.4

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-06-07

ipmiutil-2.7.6 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.6 release is posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries and docs.

05/09/11 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.6 changes
util/isensor.c - show Thresholds based on readable (not settable) bits,
handle unit type bit for percent
util/ipmilan.c - add ipmi_lan_set_timeout()
util/icmd.c - add -t to set lan timeout
util/igetevent.c - add SmsOs func 3 to send NMI
util/oem_kontron.c - added ktc5520_post decoding
util/ievents.c - added more GenID decoding
util/ipmicmd.c - added my_devid defaults
util/mem_if.c - added debug messages
util/oem_intel.c - fixup for Relay bits on CG2100
util/isel.c - allow filtering by severity with -s
util/ipmi_port.c - cleanup syntax warnings
util/ilan.c - add support for VLAN/Cipher params
util/iconfig.c - add support for VLAN/Cipher params
doc/isel.8 - change to document -s
util/ipmims.cpp - fix for WIN64-unsafe logic from Jay Krell
cleaned up compile warnings flagged by Jay Krell in:
igetevent.c, imbapi.c, ipmims.cpp, ievents.c, ifru.c, mem_if.c,
ievents.c, ifirewall.c, igetevent.c, oem_kontron.c/.h
cleaned up WIN64 /W3 compile warnings in util/*.c
util/ipmiutil2.mak - updates
util/mem_if_cpp.cpp - new, wrapper for build.exe, includes mem_if.c
test/retro.sh - new, retrofit subcommand naming for pre-2.6.0 scripts
ipmiutil-2.7.6 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.76
...(various subcommands) ver 2.76
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.7
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.3

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-05-09

ipmiutil-2.7.5 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.5 release is posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries, documentation, etc.

04/04/11 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.5 changes
util/ifru.c - fixed logic to follow child MCs with -e or -f,
include -r to restore fru from ifruset.c,
check for overflow in sdr loop with idstr
util/iwdt.c - add -q to set a specific pretimeout value (-p sets 90%)
util/mem_if.c - detect properly if SMBIOS has 16-byte register spacing
util/ilan.c - use GetPefCapabilities to set pefmax,
use float to show arp interval,
set LanParam 4 (IPsrc) before LanParam 3 (IPaddr),
handle if GetLanEntry returns ok but zero data
util/iconfig.c - use GetPefCapabilities to set pefmax,
turn off GratArp and set IPsrc before setting IP,
skip serial users if no serial channel,
skip optional serial params if errors,
handle if GetLanEntry returns ok but zero data
util/ihealth.c - added Intel S1200, S2600 board info,
show BMC extra version info for Kontron,
added IANA for NAT
util/ievents.c - use utc2local in fmt_time()
util/isensor.c - cosmetic changes in RawToFloat(),
added -e (same as -b) to follow child MCs
util/isol.c - increased -i filename size from 40 to 80
util/isel.c - find_msg_sev() detects severity for syslog messages
util/ialarms.c - show up to 8 disk LEDs (previously 6)
util/oem_intel.c - detect_capab_intel: return max# disks based on product ID
util/idiscover.c - add -m option for raw packets to display MAC addrs
util/ireset.c - only set boot opts if not default device
util/ipmilan.c - try MD2 or NONE if default auth type not allowed.
util/ipmidir.c - allow set_max_kcs_loops for BSD also
util/ipmicmd.c - do set_max_kcs_loops for BSD also
util/ipmicmd.h - define set_max_kcs_loops for BSD also
util/ipmiutil.mak - add ipmi_sample.exe to TARG_EXE
util/ihpm.c - fixed percent to display dots during upgrade,
added more debug messages
doc/ipmi.init.basic - added comments
doc/iwdt.8 - include -q description
doc/idiscover.8 - include -m description
doc/ifru.8 - include -e description
doc/isensor.8 - include -e description
doc/UserGuide - updated Windows install instructions wrt drivers,
updated section 4.2 with new sample output,
updated section 4.8 SOL Upstart instructions,
updated man pages
ipmiutil-2.7.5 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.75
...(various subcommands) ver 2.75
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.7
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.2

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-04-04

ipmiutil-2.7.4 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.4 release has been posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sf.net for rpm, deb, gz binaries and other info.
This release includes some bug fixes, and enhancements, esp. around setting unique sensor thresholds (isensor -u).

02/09/11 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.4 changes
Makefile.am - add 'make test' to run test/testipmi.sh,
restrict SUBDIRS if standalone
configure.in - restrict SUBDIRS if standalone
util/ipmidir.c - add debug output of Resp(netfn,cmd)
add lock file to ensure exclusive access to I/O
util/iconfig.c - add -m option to force setting BMC MAC,
fix to not SetUserEnable(1) if extra users.
util/ireset.c - do not set Intel S5500 systems for bridge agent method
util/ilan.c - fix GetPefRecord for bug 3163406
util/iconfig.c - fix GetPefRecord also for bug 3163406
util/isensor.c - allow defaults from sdr for -u via fill_thresholds,
fix to set threshold even if g_sa is HSC
util/igetevent.c - add -n to wait for events from a specific sensor number
util/mem_if.c - add get_SystemGuid to get GUID from SMBIOS
util/ifruset.c - use get_SystemGuid for GUID
util/ihealth.c - use get_SystemGuid for GUID
util/ifru.c - use get_SystemGuid for GUID,
add logic to follow child MCs if -f,
request admin if reading child FRUs
util/ifruset.c - request admin by default
util/icmd.c - auto-request admin priv if bridging to child MC SA
util/ipmimv.c - set exit(rv) if TEST_BIN/ALONE
util/ievents.c - use GetSensorType() if fPET and no sensor file
util/isensor.c - ignore sensor reading state bits 0xC0 (was OK*, now valid),
added -q to output Thresh in ::::: fmt
doc/ipmi.init.basic - refine start/stop output
doc/UserGuide - added more to SOL section 4.8
doc/ipmiutil.spec - use sensor -q for sensor_out.txt
doc/install-solaris.sh - use sensor -q for sensor_out.txt
doc/ipmi_port.sh - use sensor -q for sensor_out.txt
doc/init.sh - use sensor -q for sensor_out.txt
debian/postinst - new, do sensor -q for sensor_out.txt
added some files from tarball to svn trunk:
ipmiutil-2.7.4 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.74
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.74
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.74
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.74
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.74
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.74
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.74
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.74
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.74
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.74
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.74
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.74
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.74
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.74
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.74
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.74
oem_sun (ipmiutil sunoem) ver 2.74
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.74
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.74
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.2

Posted by Andy Cress 2011-02-10

ipmiutil-2.7.3 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.3 release is posted to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for source, binaries, etc.
This release adds support for Mandriva Linux, Solaris 8/9 lipmi driver, and some event/sensor decoding updates.

12/16/10 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.3 changes
util/ipmilan2.c - a stub of ipmilanplus.c without HAVE_LANPLUS
util/iekanalyzer.c - fix a compiler warning and lint error
util/isel.c - fix printf() syntax warning for Mandriva,
define decode_sel_entry() with return value,
fixup idxfile,idxfile2 if remote
util/ihpm.c - fix printf() syntax warning for Mandriva
util/ievents.c - fix printf() syntax warning for Mandriva,
added -t for full PET traps,
fix PET decoding for Sun OEM bytes,
adjust threshold description strings,
check for filename & decoding errors,
use fseek to fix file_grep(2) special case,
add size param to get_MemDesc,
add custom DIMM decoding for Intel S5500,
use snprintf to fix buf overflow in decode_sel_entry
util/igetevent.c - define decode_sel_entry() with return value,
fixup idxfile2 if remote
util/ifru.c - wart for Kontron 1-byte Version anomaly
util/ifruset.c - wart for Kontron 1-byte Version anomaly
util/ipmilipmi.c - new, for Solaris 8/9 lipmi driver
util/isensor.c - add sensor type 0x25 Entity Presence,
add call to decode_sensor_sun(),
change un-Recoverable threshold tag (nonrec -> unrec),
do not show separate reading error line unless fdebug,
but just show 'Unknown' by default
util/oem_sun.c - add decode_sensor_sun routine
util/oem_intel.c - added get_id_status_intel(),
check for NSW1U in detect_capab,
use raw command in check_bmctam_intel,
fixups to intel_s5500_post table
util/ialarms.c - call get_id_status_intel() if vendor=intel
util/mem_if.c - add Bank Locator string to get_MemDesc,
add size/presence to get_MemDesc
util/icmd.c - add 's' tag logic for -m
util/isol.c - change bKeepAlive from type 2 to 1
util/ihealth.c - added get_health_oem/_supermicro
util/oem_supermicro.c - new, added
util/ipmilan.c - set fdoping=1 to help stuck BMCs
util/Makefile.am - added oem_supermicro.c
util/ipmiutil.mak - added oem_supermicro.obj
beforeconf.sh - fixed to libtoolize by default
configure.in - handle space in _topdir from Mandriva
Makefile.am - add mkdir -p $(SOURCEDIR) in make tarball
doc/ipmiutil.spec - updated package description
doc/ipmi.init.basic - include watchdog module, check if exists
debian/control - updated package description
ipmiutil-2.7.3 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.73
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.73
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.73
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.73
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.73
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.73
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.73
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.73
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.73
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.73
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.73
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.73
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.73
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.73
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.73
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.73
oem_sun (ipmiutil sunoem) ver 2.73
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.73
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.73
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.2

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-12-16

ipmiutil-2.7.2 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.2 release is posted to sourceforge.
For binaries, docs, etc. see http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net
This release adds Debian/Ubuntu packaging support.

11/01/10 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.2 changes
util/ifru.c - refine FruTypeString as Baseboard only if dev 0
util/isel.c - add patch for bug 3091058 (SelAllocationInfo/Dell)
from Alexander Dupuy,
and protect against SelAllocationInfo errors
util/ipmiutil.c - init psubcmd = "" for usage message
util/ipmicmd.c - added ipmi_set_mymc, ipmi_get_mymc, added -Z
util/ipmicmd.h - added ipmi_set_mymc, ipmi_get_mymc
util/ipmimv.c - added SET_MY_ADDRESS in ipmi_open_mv()
util/ifru.c - added -Z to set mymc.sa
util/ifruset.c - added -Z to set mymc.sa
util/ilan.c - reuse existing sol_baud if valid & no -B param
util/ievents.c - handle event type 06 for PS Fans
util/ipmi_port.c - mkdaemon: set fdlimit=stderr
util/igetevent.c - mkdaemon: set fdlimit=stderr (fixes -b EBADF if mv),
use ipmiutil_asy.log filename if -a
test/unittest.sh - add ipmiutil sel -e
test/testipmi.sh - add ipmiutil sel -e
doc/Makefile.am - new, handle initto via @INIT_DIR@
doc/ipmi_port.sh - if no /var/lock/subsys, use /var/run
doc/ipmiutil_asy - if no /var/lock/subsys, use /var/run, fix getpid
doc/ipmiutil_evt - if no /var/lock/subsys, use /var/run, fix getpid
doc/ipmiutil_wdt - if no /var/lock/subsys, use /var/run, use $wdtlog
doc/ipmi.init.basic - new, added for debian ipmi driver
beforeconf.sh - set ltver via --version, not rpm -q
configure.in - detect if Debian, detect INIT_DIR
debian/changelog - new, added for debian packaging
debian/control - new, added for debian packaging
debian/copyright - new, added for debian packaging
debian/dirs - new, added for debian packaging
debian/docs - new, added for debian packaging
debian/rules - new, added for debian packaging
ipmiutil-2.7.2 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.72
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.72
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.72
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.72
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.72
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.72
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.72
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.72
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.72
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.72
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.72
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.72
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.72
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.72
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.72
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.72
oem_sun (ipmiutil sunoem) ver 2.72
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.72
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.72
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.2

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-11-02

ipmiutil-2.7.1 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.1 release is now posted to sourceforge.
The source, binaries, and documentation are at http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net
The changes are listed below.

10/18/10 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.1 changes
util/oem_intel.c - changed sensor reading strings slightly,
added decode_post_intel
util/isol.c - fix compile error on Solaris Sparc
util/icmd.c - added -d decimal option to match 'ipmitool raw' syntax
util/ievents.c - added decoding detail for NM Exception events,
added decode_post_oem to decode some OEM POST codes,
added fixup for peppercon genid,
added all other threshold strings
util/ireset.c - added -y option to persist boot device param
util/ipmidir.c - added SKIP_IO flag for ppc64
util/ipmilan.c - ignore gethostbyname error if input is IP address
util/ipmicmd.c - use bcomma in show_outcome(), add stricmp for -F
util/oem_kontron.c - fix decode_sensor_kontron(PowerGood)
util/isensor.c - fix find_sdr_by_num() if last sdr
util/ilan.c - if sparc, set default ifname to eri0
util/Makefile.am - use OS_LFLAGS for idiscover also if Solaris
doc/ireset.8 - describe -y option to persist boot device param
doc/install-solaris.sh - add mkdir -p $mandir
configure.in - set SKIP_IO flag if ppc64 or other arch,
check for /usr/sfw or /usr/local if Solaris,
set __SPARC__ flag if arch is sun4u
ipmiutil-2.7.1 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.71
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.71
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.71
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.71
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.71
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.71
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.71
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.71
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.71
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.71
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.71
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.71
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.71
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.71
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.71
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.71
oem_sun (ipmiutil sunoem) ver 2.71
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.71
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.71
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.1

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-10-19

ipmiutil-2.7.0 is released

The ipmiutil-2.7.0 release is now posted to sourceforge at http://iipmiutil.sourceforge.net.
It has several new features, like upgrade to HPM 1.0.2, sunoem features, EKanalyzer, oem_kontron sensor/sel decoding, oem_fujitsu LEDs, FRU Multi-Record area (esp. PICMG) decoding, etc.
Details below.

09/27/10 ARCress ipmiutil-2.7.0 changes
util/ialarms.c - moved Intel functions to oem_intel.c
util/oem_intel.h - new, for oem_intel alarm LED functions
util/oem_intel.c - new, for oem_intel alarm LED functions
added decode_sensor_intel, show_oemsdr_intel
util/oem_sun.c - new, for oem_sun functions
util/oem_sun.h - new, for oem_sun functions
util/ipmiutil.c - show subcommand with show_outcome(), added i_sun
util/i*.c - don't call extra show_outcome(), exit->return.
util/ifru.c - add multi-record area decoding, call show_fru_picmg
util/ifruset.c - add multi-record area decoding, call show_fru_picmg,
added some validation for -f restore.
util/ipicmg.h - added more picmg defines
util/isensor.c - added -d/-f dump/file restore options,
util/ifru_picmg.c - new, add picmg FRU decoding in show_fru_picmg
util/iekanalyzer.c - new, added for ekanalyzer
util/iekanalyzer.h - new, added for ekanalyzer
util/isensor.c - added decode_sensor_intel/_kontron, show_oemsdr_intel,
fix get_sdr_cache with use_devsdrs()
util/oem_kontron.c - added decode_sensor_kontron, more fru checking
util/oem_fujitsu.c - added alarms_fujitsu routines for LEDs
util/ialarms.c - added calls to alarms_fujitsu routines
util/ihpm.c - upgraded from 0.4 to 1.0.2
util/ihealth.c - get ME version if S5500
util/ievents.c - call decode_sel_kontron, handle sel -e if sdrcache fails
util/ipmi_sample.c - add -m option, use show_outcome (v0.2)
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - return error instead of assert if session id mismatch
doc/isunoem.8 - new, for sunoem functions
doc/iekanalyzer.8 - new, for ekanalyzer functions
doc/ifru.8 - added -d option to dump fru
doc/isensor.8 - added -d/-f options
doc/ipmiutil.spec - added isunoem.8, iekanalyzer.8
doc/UserGuide - added sunoem, ekanalyzer, added 7.1 for return codes
ipmiutil-2.7.0 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.70
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.70
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.70
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.70
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.70
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.70
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.70
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.70
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.70
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.70
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.70
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.70
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.70
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.70
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.70
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.70
oem_sun (ipmiutil sunoem) ver 2.70
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.70
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.70
iekanalyzer (ipmiutil ekanalyzer) ver 1.00
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 1.02
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.1

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-09-27

ipmiutil-2.6.9 is released

This release includes some significant new functions, such as
MD5 & SHA256 cipher suites,
Fujitsu OEM functions,
Kontron OEM functions,
fwum functionality,
hpm functionality,
and other lesser enhancements listed below.
It also contains a bug fix for a segfault with ifruset.c when the multi-record area was present.

See http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net for binaries, rpms, etc.

09/01/10 ARCress ipmiutil-2.6.9 changes
util/ifruset.c - newdata buffer overflow handling to avoid segfault,
added -d/-r options to dump/restore FRU
util/ifru.c - newdata buffer overflow handling for -a/-s/-v
util/ievents.c - added decode_sel_fujitsu() call
util/ipmimv.c - fix potential overflow if sresp > 80
util/oem_fujitsu.c - new, for decode_sel_fujitsu, decode_sensor_fujitsu
code from Dan Lukes
util/oem_fujitsu.h - new, for oem_fujitsu functions
util/Makefile.am - added oem_fujitsu.c
util/showsel.h - deleted, no longer used
lib/lanplus/inc/ipmitool/ipmi_constants.h - added SHA256 defines
lib/lanplus/lanplus_crypt_impl.c - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/lanplus_crypt.c - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/lanplus_crypt.h - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/lanplus_dump.c - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/lanplus.c - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/lanplus.h - added SHA256 patch from Holger Liebig
lib/lanplus/inc/ipmitool/ipmi.h - [20] -> [EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE] for SHA256
lib/lanplus/inc/ipmitool/ipmi_intf.h - add sik_len, k1_len, k2_len
lib/lanplus/lanplus_defs.h - new, consolidate lanplus structures
util/ipmilanplus.h - move structures to lanplus_defs.h
Note that SHA256 is not enabled without -DHAVE_SHA256 compile flag,
since many openssl/libcrypto versions do not yet include it.
configure.in - add --enable-sha256 to set -DHAVE_SHA256 compile flag,
set service default start/stop levels if not Red Hat.
util/ifwum.c - new, added OEM firmware update mgr functionality
util/ifwum.h - new, added OEM firmware update mgr functionality
util/ihpm.c - new, added HPM firmware update mgr functionality
util/ihpm.h - new, added HPM firmware update mgr functionality
util/ipmiutil.c - added fwum and hpm
util/ipmiutil.h - added fwum and hpm
doc/ifru.8 - added -k for oem_kontron
doc/ifwum.8 - new, ifwum man page
doc/ifwum - new, ifwum shortcut script
doc/ihpm.8 - new, ihpm man page
doc/ihpm - new, ihpm shortcut script
doc/UserGuide - added 5.3 Windows Command Usage, ifwum, ihpm
doc/ipmiutil.spec - added ifwum,ihpm parts
util/ipmimv.c - use poll() instead of wait_interval in getevent_mv
util/igetevent.c - call get_sdr_cache to pre-fetch sdr data
util/isel.c - call get_sdr_cache to pre-fetch sdr data if -e
util/isensor.c - added get_sdr_cache & get_sdr_from_cache
util/ievents.c - use set_sel_opts to pass sdr data
ipmiutil-2.6.9 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.69
ialarms (ipmiutil alarms) ver 2.69
icmd (ipmiutil cmd) ver 2.69
iconfig (ipmiutil config) ver 2.69
ievents (ipmiutil events) ver 2.69
ifru (ipmiutil fru) ver 2.69
igetevent (ipmiutil getevt) ver 2.69
ihealth (ipmiutil health) ver 2.69
ilan (ipmiutil lan) ver 2.69
ireset (ipmiutil reset) ver 2.69
isel (ipmiutil sel) ver 2.69
isensor (ipmiutil sensor) ver 2.69
iserial (ipmiutil serial) ver 2.69
isol (ipmiutil sol) ver 2.69
iwdt (ipmiutil wdt) ver 2.69
ifruset (ipmiutil ifruset) ver 2.69
ipicmg (ipmiutil picmg) ver 2.69
ifirewall (ipmiutil firewall) ver 2.69
ifwum (ipmiutil fwum) ver 1.3
ihpm (ipmiutil hpm) ver 0.4
idiscover (ipmiutil discover) ver 1.6
ipmi_port (ipmi_port) ver 1.1

Posted by Andy Cress 2010-09-01