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Read Me

iPhile - Copyright 2009 by Marc Saint

This program and the source code for this program are distributed under the MIT License, except for portions (those files based on the Manzana code) which are governed by the BSD License.  Each source code file contains a notice stating which license applies.  Any file not explicitly stating which license applies is distributed under the MIT License.  A copy of both licenses is included in the files "MIT_LICENSE" and "BSD_LICENSE".

iPhile allows you to mount iPhone and iPodTouch filesystems under Windows, and thus allows users to access the devices as if they were a normal Windows filesystem.  The device filesystems are then visible to Explorer and accessible to any Windows program.

System Requirements:
This program runs under 32 bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

This program requires that you have the Dokan driver installed on your system.  The Dokan driver is distributed under the LGPL and can be obtained from  

iPhile also requires Apple iTunes be installed, or else that you place a copy of the file "iTunesMobileDevice.dll" in the same folder as the iPhile executable.  Please note that this library is not included with iTunes when installed on 64 bit operating systems.

To use the program, simply execute the iPhile.exe program and connect an iPhone or iPodTouch device.  An icon will appear in your system tray (red or green, depending if a device is currently mounted).  Right click on the icon to mount and dismount devices or close the program.