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Read Me



  • Gnuplot (
    • svg terminal (required)
    • wxt Terminal (optional; only required for previewing)
  • python:
    • pyGTK >= 2.0 (
    • subprocess
  • Operating system:
    • Tested: Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 & 11.10)
    • Not tested: Windows, Mac

Source code structure / Installation

  • extension/
    • inkplot.inx
  • config/
    • inkplot.cfg
    • inkplotrc
  • examples/
    • example.svg
Folder 'extension' (required)

Copy the files in your Inkscape extension folder

  • local: $HOME/.config/inkscape/extensions
  • or global: /usr/share/inkscape/extensions

Afterwards, Inkplot will be accessible in Inkscape from Extensions->Render->Inkplot.

Folder 'config' (optional)

Copy the files into your Inkscape config folder ($HOME/.inkscape).

  • 'inkplot.cfg' can be used to change default settings.
  • 'inkplotrc' is the default preamble file.

The provided 'inkplotrc' contains some formatting gnuplot commands I usually use.
Edit as you wish...

General usage

Call the extension via Extensions->Render->Inkplot

  • no graph selected: create a new graph
  • (at least) one graph selected: edit this graph


The Inkplot dialog contains three elements:

1. Preamble file / Preamble

Select a preamble file from the file dialog. Its contents will be displayed and prepended to your Gnuplot commands.
The path to the preamble file (not its contents) will be stored in the SVG graph object and used when the graph is edited next time.

2. Size and options

Set the size of the graph and the options of the Gnuplot SVG terminal

3. Commands

The Gnuplot commands to be executed, e.g. "plot sin(x)".
See the Gnuplot documentation ( for details.

Supported features:

  • comments with #
  • multi-line mode: distribute long commands over several lines
    • lines are joined if they end with '\'


  • [2012/04/05] version 0.22:
    • fixed error handling: now checking returnvalue of gnuplot
    • display additional output (from stderr) in dialog
  • [2012/03/01] version 0.21:
    • fixed stuck gnuplot process
    • preview now gets updated
    • removed not required packages
  • [2012/02/24] version 0.2:
    • first published version