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Ok so the code in the source tree is kinda jacked up as I have been trying for some time to convert some of the code to RegEx.

Recent events have convinced me to commit my changes a bit more frequently even if they do mess stuff up.

Posted by Keith Kikta 2010-07-21

Diagnostic Tool

I have added a new tool to the project that many of you may find useless. The diagnostic tool is aimed at helping me or any other developers interested in the project.

The basic idea is it handles some of the specifics of sending messages to the server so the developer can focus on parsing the responses. I hope this means I don't have to spend countless hours in telnet when debugging a command now ;P

Posted by Keith Kikta 2009-12-19

help wanted

I'm interested in any help I can get be it code, documentation, w/e. I just ask that you be a self starter in that I don't have to give much if any direction. Thanks!

Posted by Keith Kikta 2009-12-16

August 14th 2009

Ok so just so y'all know I'm taking a short break on account that i was stupid and screwed up my left arm mountain biking. Anyway after working all day it's a bit to painful to spend much more time on a keyboard. Anyway hope to be back at it soon.

Posted by Keith Kikta 2009-08-14


Several bugs have been addressed mainly issues with mail servers that break message headers into several lines. There also was a problem in the logout method that was not passing command with the carriage return and line feed.

Some new features include sort commands both server side and client side and the ability to specify an array of message ID's to retrieve.

Posted by Keith Kikta 2007-12-21

Added support for Authentication types LOGIN and CRAM-MD5

Thanks to a very helpful patch by Scott Braithwaite the library now has support for CRAM-MD5 (untested). I have also added support for LOGIN and corrected a problem with retrieving base64 encoded body parts.

Posted by Keith Kikta 2007-08-28

First beta available for download

Today beta version was released. Enjoy ;)

Posted by Keith Kikta 2007-06-28

Source Imported into subversion

Source code for Koolwired.Imap has been imported into subversion. Please feel free to browse, download, comment, make suggestions or point out flaws.

Posted by Keith Kikta 2007-06-16