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Read Me

The imagecomp application is a tool to aid the visual comparison of two
images.  It is most useful for comparing images of coins, medals, and
similar (round) items.  Load the two images, use the tools to identify
the center and radius of the item in each image.  Then use the compare
tool to visually identify differences between the two items.


1) Get the source code.

2) cd to the directory containing the source code.

3) Create the file with the following commands:
   $ autoscan
   $ mv configure.scan

4) Add the following line to the file just after the
   line with "AC_INIT(...)"

5) Complete the compilation with the following commands:
   $ aclocal
   $ autoheader
   $ autoconf
   $ automake
   $ ./configure
   $ mv config.h src/inc/
   $ make

6) Run the application with the following command:
   $ ./imagecomp


1) Install Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0.  This is a free download
   from Microsoft.

2) Edit the buildwin.bat script:
   a) Change the value for the variable MK to point to the
      nmake.exe application installed with Visual Studio 9.0.
   b) Change the value added to the path to point to the
      IDE directory of Visual Studio 9.0
   c) Change the values to which the LIB variable is set to point
      to the appropriate directories.

3) Run the buildwin.bat script.

4) Remove Image Compare using Add/Remove Program.

4) With Inno Setup Compiler 5.3.7.
   a) Open install.iss.
   b) Select menu item Build->Compile.
   c) Reinstall Image Compare using Run->Run.
   d) Follow the Setup wizard's instructions.


1)  Update versions in:
    * inc/imagecomp_project.h
    * inc/imagemask_version.h
    * inc/imagecomp_version.h

2)  Update RELEASE.

3)  Build both Linux and Windows versions.

4)  Test both Linux and Windows versions.

--  Linux build.

5)  On Linux checkout project into a temp directory:
    $ cd ~/tmp
    $ svn export \

    NOTE: change the name of the target directory to reflect the current
    version number.

5)  Create source code tarball:
    $ cd ~/tmp
    $ tar -cvzf imagecomp-0.2.0.src.tgz imagecomp-0.2.0

6)  Upload tarball to Sourceforge.

--  Windows build.
    The install program was created when the application was built on Windows.

7)  Change name of install application to imagecomp-0.2.0-win32.exe.

    NOTE: Use the appropriate version number in the new file name.

8)  Upload install application to Sourceforge.