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File Date Author Commit
LogReaderV2 2009-10-28 bmajurski [r1049] LoggerException moved to common
SyslogBrowser 2011-12-02 rmoult01 [r2940] Made Human Requestor messages Informational
SyslogBrowserJSon 2011-06-02 rmoult01 [r2461] doc updates, minor corrections.
SyslogSender 2011-12-16 rmoult01 [r3032] BO 12/16
adtListener 2011-01-06 bmajurski [r2195] update
auditLogEval 2011-06-02 rmoult01 [r2461] doc updates, minor corrections.
branches 2012-03-04 bmajurski [r3097] new
dsub 2009-11-09 bmajurski [r1118] dev
evs 2011-12-19 bmajurski [r3035] Build Release
syslog 2011-12-02 rmoult01 [r2939] Human Requestor messages made Informational
system 2011-10-28 bmajurski [r2854] Removed ref to xdsLogV2 (use jar instead)
tags 2012-09-21 bmajurski [r3602] First release for ttt
testkit 2012-11-05 dazais [r3763] Fixed folder testkit/collections that used to g...
toolkit 2012-11-01 bmajurski [r3762] Start of XDR Minimal metadata vaidation for Direct
toolkitx 2012-07-02 bmajurski [r3260] Move out of the way for full toolkit upload
trunk 2012-03-04 bmajurski [r3097] new
xds 2010-08-17 bmajurski [r1801] New validation architecture
xds-registry-common2 2012-05-31 bmajurski [r3253] Major repairs
xdsLogV2 2009-11-09 bmajurski [r1117] add cast for Message
xdsref 2012-05-07 bmajurski [r3213] Add class code for XDW. fix spelling on formatc...
xdstest2 2012-05-31 bmajurski [r3255] toolkit project refactoring
xdstoolkit 2011-07-17 bmajurski [r2598] Build Release
xdstools 2010-06-18 bmajurski [r1657] Add Richer display
xdstools2 2012-06-04 bmajurski [r3259] Added BLUE formatting for warning messages on M...