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Tree [a2d634] master 1_3_8 icewm_1_3_8 /

File Date Author Commit
contrib 2003-12-23 captnmark <> [a5f4f5] remove obsolete code
doc 2013-11-17 Marko Macek Marko Macek [2e3e3e] fuzzy timers - Andreas Mohr
lib 2011-04-26 captnmark <> [924cff] obsolete gnome1 stuff
po 2009-11-08 captnmark <> [4000b2] merge changes up to 1.2.38pre2
src 2013-11-17 Marko Macek Marko Macek [1837f6] argument parsing cleanups (debian: safe_get_arg...
utils 2007-01-21 captnmark <> [726834] default configure arguments removed
.cvsignore 2003-12-23 captnmark <> [91d4eb] .
.gitignore 2013-11-06 Marko Macek Marko Macek [138f0b] .gitignore
AUTHORS 2001-07-24 massel <> [904e5e] some copyright stuff
BUGS 2003-06-22 captnmark <> [d465d7] updated bugs to link to sourceforge
CHANGES 2013-11-06 Marko Macek Marko Macek [c03801] partial support for _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL
COPYING 2006-08-06 captnmark <> [8a6e8f] add new FSF address to COPYING
INSTALL 2003-06-22 captnmark <> [3ffcf4] minor update (added icewmtray to sample Xclients)
Makefile.in 2013-11-17 Marko Macek Marko Macek [04ebf3] makefile fixes (debian: package_build_fixes)
PLATFORMS 2003-12-23 captnmark <> [b0dd7d] solaris 9
README 2003-05-17 captnmark <> [9ea141] merge icewm-1.2-BRANCH
README.wm-session 2001-10-05 massel <> [3c518f] moved the contrib stuff to sourceforge
TODO 2003-06-22 captnmark <> [31e34f] merge bugs and todo for now, this will go away
VERSION 2013-11-17 Marko Macek Marko Macek [a2d634] version
acinclude.m4 2004-07-14 captnmark <> [76981c] autoconf 2.59 fixes
autogen.sh 2003-05-17 captnmark <> [9ea141] merge icewm-1.2-BRANCH
config.cmd 2000-08-09 captnmark <> [5bec22] initial import of 1.0.0
config.guess 2003-05-17 captnmark <> [9ea141] merge icewm-1.2-BRANCH
config.sub 2003-05-17 captnmark <> [9ea141] merge icewm-1.2-BRANCH
configure.in 2012-05-01 captnmark <> [eb019a] removing globals
icewm-set-gnomewm 2010-04-27 captnmark <> [79109d] icewm-set-gnomewm
icewm.lsm.in 2003-05-17 captnmark <> [9ea141] merge icewm-1.2-BRANCH
icewm.spec.in 2009-07-19 captnmark <> [16d8ff] spec path fixes
install-sh 2000-08-09 captnmark <> [5bec22] initial import of 1.0.0
install.in 2001-05-30 massel <> [91f6c9] some makefile cleanups
sysdep.os2 2000-08-09 captnmark <> [5bec22] initial import of 1.0.0

Read Me


The name was decided on a very hot day... (and Marko started writing 
it in winter ;-)

Look and Feel... The aim of IceWM is to have good 'Feel' and decent
'Look'. 'Feel' is much more important than 'Look' ...

Send bug reports, feedback, suggestions, ...   to: 

	Marko.Macek@gmx.net or

See also BUGS, TODO and the sites at:


Information about compilation and installation can be found in INSTALL.