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Read Me

ibocator - a cataloging tool for GNU/Linux

Why ibocator?

The original name for the project was book-locator as the initial goal of the
project was to catalog ebooks. During development I've started to realise that
for the moment it was better to concentrate on the CdCat clonning and let the
book handling stuff for later. When I've created the project on SourceForge, in
my frenzy of moving stuff there, I've decided for a new and better name.
SourceForge shown that elocator is free, so I've simply taken it. With great
dissapointment I've discovered days later that there was already a commercial
application with that name. To avoid any future troubles and as the project is
still in infancy, I've decided to rename it. After some brainstorming, we came
up with some name that hopefully is not already taken (Google doesn't return
anything at this time), even though a bit stupid: 

  ibocatori, aka iborco's locator

  initial name: book-locator
  release 0.1:  book-locator >> elocator
  release 0.3:  elocator >> ibocator

Current todo list

A local TODO list is kept using tudu. To view it, run in the top directory:

  $ tudu -f tudu.xml

You can find tudu at

Libraries needed to compile

qt4           LGPL v2.1
gio                     LGPL v2.1
google test   New BSD License
google mock   New BSD License
boost                  Boost Software License

Various compile methods

* to treat warnings as errors
  $ qmake QMAKE_CXXFLAGS+=-Wfatal-errors

* to build for debug
  $ qmake CONFIG+=debug

* to do code coverage with gcov:

  $ qmake "CONFIG+=debug gcov"
  after that, go to the test dir of interest and run:

  $ make gcov