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File Date Author Commit
ACPISensors 2014-04-29 kozlek kozlek [515a5d] Refactoring
Artwork 2014-03-14 kozlek kozlek [7087b4] HWMonitor: prefs window artwork tweaks
CPUSensors 2014-12-09 kozlek kozlek [7fd6e5] CPUSensors: Haswell-e exclude uncore sensor
FakeSMC 2014-01-09 kozlek kozlek [d0a2c8] Fixed issue when FakeSMC creates SMC device on ...
FakeSMCKeyStore 2014-04-29 kozlek kozlek [515a5d] Refactoring
GPUSensors 2014-12-09 kozlek kozlek [7fd6e5] CPUSensors: Haswell-e exclude uncore sensor
HWMonitor 2014-12-13 kozlek kozlek [57e0d6] HWMonitor: text rendered on black status bar tw...
HWMonitor.xcodeproj 2014-12-12 kozlek kozlek [e186e3] Hotfix
HWMonitorHelper 2014-04-04 kozlek kozlek [06de12] HWMonitor: fixed bug with storage drive SMART o...
HWSensors.xcodeproj 2014-12-12 kozlek kozlek [e186e3] Hotfix
HWSensors.xcworkspace 2014-02-10 kozlek kozlek [dfcae6] HWMonitor: Better SMART sensors support
License 2014-03-21 kozlek kozlek [e2b756] Refactoring
Package 2014-03-07 kozlek kozlek [9345bc] HWMonitor: added attribute status indicators to...
Scripts 2014-11-28 kozlek kozlek [db6dee] Some other fixes
Shared 2014-11-04 Denis Ahrens Denis Ahrens [a43127] cache the keytype to safe an extra smccall for ...
Sparkle 2014-12-12 kozlek kozlek [e186e3] Hotfix
SuperIOSensors 2014-08-06 kozlek kozlek [1c4901] HWMonitor: minor UI tweaks
GeforceSensors: will...
Versioning And Distribution.xcodeproj 2014-11-28 kozlek kozlek [db6dee] Some other fixes
smcutil 2014-04-04 kozlek kozlek [06de12] HWMonitor: fixed bug with storage drive SMART o...
.gitignore 2013-10-18 kozlek kozlek [24e792] minor optimizations and UI tweaks
README.md 2014-04-18 Ilan Biala Ilan Biala [4ae544] Update README.md

Read Me


HWSensors is a software bundle that includes drivers and applications that allow you to access information from hardware sensors available on your Mac.

FakeSMC is an open source SMC device driver/emulator developed by netkas.

NOTE: FakeSMC & Plugins starting from v915 provide additional sensors information to HWMonitor on Macs. By installing FakeSMC on a real Mac you acknowledge that you know what you are doing and how to recover your system if something goes wrong.

All repositories:


Special thanks to:

netkas for fakesmc.
slice for plugins and help in developing the project.
usr-sse2 for help in development and first FakeSMC plugins idea and realization.
Navi for investigation of numeric SMC values encoding/decoding and other useful stuff.
droplets for testing.
Michael Möller for OpenHardwareMonitor.
The Real Deal & JrCs for French localization.
RehabMan forced me using mutexes and other contributions to the project.
Oliver Bolton for OBMenuBarWindow.
Mozketo for LaunchAtLoginController.
PHPdev32 for an idea to using NVRAM as storage for kext configuration.
coercion for initial Haswell support.
oswaldini @ www.osx86.org.pl for Polish translation.
Matteo «Marchrius» Gaggiano for the enhanced about window with credits scroller and Italian translation.
k3nny @ www.insanelymac.com for German translation.
Bruce Allen for smartmontools.
Michael Robinson for Cocoa Categories.
Stephane Sudre for Packages (packagesbuild).
Andy Matuschak for Sparkle framework.
Nouveau Project for nouveau linux driver (GeforceSensors base).
Advanced Micro Devices and all contributors for AMD Radeon linux driver (RadeonSensors base).
Joshua Nozzi for JLNFadingScrollView.
Rheinfabrik for RFOverlayScrollView.
Matteo Gaggiano for the enhanced about window with credits scroller.
HWSensors Project © 2014 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG, RehabMan and others. All rights reserved.