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 projects 2015-10-22 Neil Stockbridge Neil Stockbridge [0fee97] there is now a SSD1306 OLED driver demo project
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Read Me

 Structure of the Mercurial repository:

    tools/     tools that support this project
    projects/  each project has a folder under this one.  Each project can be
               structured as necessary although de-facto standards are
    web-site/  source for the web site

 Structure of the web site:

    /                          files for the "home" of the web site
    components/                contains one sub-directory for each component
      ATtiny26/                a page of info on the component, including
                               gschem symbols and pcb footprints
    projects/                  contains one sub-directory for each project
      terminal-keyboard/       files for the "terminal-keyboard" project
      brake-boost-controller/  files for the "brake-boost-controller" project

 The web-pages might be generated any way or maintained manually but HTML with
 embedded Markdown source is my favourite.