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Eclipse Project Support - 0.9.5 Released

The release of 0.9.5 includes support of Eclipse project dependencies of .jar files and other Eclipse projects.

Various bug fixes have been made including classloading, .hbm.xml searching and connection management.

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-05-06

Query and Schema Update/Create Support

The latest release 0.9.4 adds support for Hibernate's Query Language (HQL) and Schema creation and updates!!

Two downloads are provided. One with all the dependent .jars taken from Hibernate2 and without.

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-04-02

Version 0.9.3 - Bug fixes

- Support for all Eclipse 2 upwards by removing dependancy on internal APIs

- Properties now derived from get/set pairs rather than fields

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-02-17

Version 0.9.2 - Support for latest Eclipse 2.1 (M5)

The latest release of Eclipse 2.1 has some heavily refactored classes and packages. Hibernator has been updated to support these changes while keeping compatability with earlier Eclipse 2.0 builds.

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-02-11

Version 0.9.1 Released

Added JDK 1.3 support

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-01-06

Initial Release - 0.9

Download this initial release and try it out.

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-01-06

Hibernator Has a Home!

After floating around from person to person via email and temp web locations, the Hibernate Eclipse Plugin has found a home. Here!

Posted by Daniel Bradby 2003-01-06