HakuNeko - Quick Guide


  • download a package for your operating system
  • start the installer or extract HakuNeko
  • change to the install/extract directory and start the executable
  • click the sync button to create local manga-lists (1~5 minutes)

Main Menu:

  • menu can be accessed by right clicking free space inside the main window
  • Batoto Login...: You can set your username and passwort for Batoto for full access to all chapters
  • Enable Start Up Sync: Manga lists will be updated, every time when HakuNeko starts
  • Enable Smart Search: Search manga list while typing (disable this on slow machines)
  • Show Missing Chapter Notification: When selecting a manga, a notification window will appear checking for missing chapters
  • Compress Chapters (Comic Book Archive): Create comic book archives (*.cbz) instead of downloading separate images
  • Show 'Delete Completed Jobs' Dialog: Shows a dialog after downloading, asking to remove completed jobs from the list
  • Help (Online): Shows the online help
  • About: Shows an about dialog

Base Directory:

  • all mangas will be stored in the base directory
  • each manga got a separate sub-directory
  • the name of the sub-directory depends on the


  • a connector determines which host should be used as source for the manga-list
  • the manga-list of a connector is stored locally for better performance
  • to synchronize the manga-lists of all connectors click the sync button
  • updating the manga-lists should be done weekly

Smart Search:

  • searching through all mangas of the currently selected connector
  • active search is done while typing
  • the search is not case sensitive
  • search entries can be bookmarked by clicking the bookmark button
  • bookmarking will automatically add the current selected connector
  • holding CTRL key during bookmarking will supress adding the current selected connector
  • activating a bookmark will switch to the connector and search for the entry
  • to remove a bookmark, select the bookmark and click the bookmark button again

Manga List:

  • shows mangas from the current selected connector
  • mangas are highlighted, if a corresponding folder was found in the selected base directory
  • select a manga to load the chapter-list from the website
  • holding CTRL key during selection will open a filter dialog before loading the chapter-list, which is useful for e.g. filter by language ('english')

Chapter List:

  • shows chapters from the current selected manga
  • chapters are highlighted, if a corresponding folder was found in the selected manga directory
  • chapters can be added/removed from the download job-list by clicking the checkboxes
  • the parent checkbox on the top will check/uncheck all chapters in the list

Job List:

  • to show/hide the job-list, click the corresponding checkbox
  • the job-list contains all chapters queued for batch download
  • double click on a job to jump to the related connector/manga/chapter
  • right click on a job will open a context menu
  • the context menu contains options to clear the job-list or remove selected jobs
  • multiple jobs can be selected by using the mouse + ctrl/shift keys


  • to process the job-list click the download button
  • to abort a batch download click the interrupt button
  • chapters have been downloaded, a message will ask to delete completed jobs from the batch-list
  • click yes to remove completed jobs from the list, click no to keep completed jobs in the list

Hidden Tweaks:

since version 1.1.0 all settings can be accessed through the context main menu

  • after first use of HakuNeko a configuration file ("gui.conf") is created
  • in win7 this file can be found in "c:\users\~\appdata\roaming\.hakuneko"
  • in linux this file can be found in "~/.config/hakuneko"
    1. startupsync=false ... set to true for synchronizing all manga lists on HakuNeko startup
    2. typingsearch=true ... set to false to disable active search while typing (recommend for slower machines)
    3. chapternotification=false ... set to true to enable a dialog asking to add missing/new chapters when you select a manga from the list
    4. compresschapters=false ... set to true to enable chapter compression as comic book zip (*.cbz) instead of downloading images
    5. deletejobs=true ... set to false to disable the dialog that will popup after all downloads are completed and ask you to remove completed jobs from the joblist