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  • Committed [7f5519]

    + changed script from keypress to gui

  • Committed [39237d]

    + fixed: removed wrong registry entries for tgp

  • Committed [b6475c]

    + fixed: only delete log file if exist

  • Committed [a73f01]

    + use tgp instead of tcls launcher (if available)

  • Committed [acaf0b]

    + added log file deletion when exceeding 1MB

  • Modified ticket #23 on HakuNeko

    Can't compile in Windows

  • Modified a comment on ticket #24 on HakuNeko

    Seems this solution worked out since there was no further response... status: New...

  • Modified ticket #24 on HakuNeko

    Need a downloadable package without SVN

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2012-08-08 10:50:17


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