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  • Committed [40abe0]

    + fixed skin for msw

  • Committed [900c49]

    + completed context menu based skin choser

  • Committed [b5a2e4]

    + preperations for context menu with skin chose...

  • Committed [07b6ce]

    + added support for multiple skins

  • Committed [30e1e0]

    + further preparations for context menu with sk...

  • Committed [eeb483]

    + added and removed skins

  • Committed [ac4f84]

    + rendered text has been removed/replaced by st...

  • Committed [a9df89]

    + updated skin engine with support for %locale%...

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2012-08-08 10:50:17


  • Project Logo BNS Tools Collection of Tools for Blade & Soul MMORPG Last Updated:
  • Project Logo FFmpeg Hi FFmpeg with x264 10 Bit & HE-AAC Last Updated:
  • Project Logo FFmpegYAG FFmpeg GUI for Linux & Windows Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HakuNeko Manga Downloader for Linux & Windows Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Makebreed Easy c/c++ project and makefile creation Last Updated:


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