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LICENSE.txt 2010-04-24 bekoeppel [r1] first release
README.txt 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r7] added more functionalty
gwcmd 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r11] added 'gw st' shortcut
gwcmd.cfg 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r9] added config option for pager (true | false)
gwcmd_server 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r7] added more functionalty
gwcmd_server.cfg 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r6] added remote GW functionalyity for hosts
gwcmd_server.init 2010-04-24 bekoeppel [r2] added init.d script
texttable.py 2010-04-25 bekoeppel [r7] added more functionalty

Read Me

GroundWork Command Line

A set of python scripts to provide command-line access to GroundWork Open Source.
gwcmd allows to perform operations from commandline, and from remote servers.

Author: Benedikt Köppel <be.public[at]gmail.com>
License: gwcmd is released under GNU General Public License Version 3
         texttable.py is released under GNU General Public License by Gerome Fournier <jefke(at)free.fr> 

0) Requirements
   - GroundWork Open Source or Professional
   - MySQLdb installed (yum install MySQL-python)
1) Server
   - mv gwcmd_server.cfg /root/.gwcmd_server.cfg
   - customize /root/.gwcmd_server.cfg
       - choose a port
       - specify where the nagios.cmd file lies
   - mv gwcmd_server.init to /etc/init.d/gwcmd_server
   - run as root /etc/init.d/gwcmd_server start
2) Client
   - mv gwcmd.cfg ~/.gwcmd.cfg
   - customize ~/.gwcmd.cfg
       - choose the same port as you chose on the server
       - specify the server's hostname
       - set your name as author for the Nagios log
   - symlink gwcmd to /usr/sbin if you like
   - run gwcmd from the shell
   - if you like command line completion, add this to your ~/.bash_rc or ~/.bash_profile