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Read Me

GTK UVC VIEWER (guvcview)

Basic Configuration


Guvcview depends on the following:
- intltool,
- autotools,
- libsdl2 or libsdl,
- libgtk-3,
- portaudio19,
- libpng,
- libavcodec,
- libavutil,
- libv4l,
- libudev,
- libusb-1.0,
- libpulse (optional)
- libgsl (optional)

On most distributions you can just install the development
intltool, autotools-dev, libsdl2-dev, libgtk-3-dev,
portaudio19-dev, libpng12-dev, libavcodec-dev, libavutil-dev,
libv4l-dev, libudev-dev, libusb-1.0-0-dev, libpulse-dev, libgsl-dev

Build configuration:

(./; ./configure)

The configure script is generated from by autoconf,
the helper script ./ can be used for this, it will also
run the generated configure with the command line options passed.
After configuration a simple 'make && make install' will build and
install guvcview and all the associated data files.

Data Files:

(language files; image files; gnome menu entry)

guvcview data files are stored by default to /usr/local/share
setting a different prefix (--prefix=BASEDIR) during configuration
will change the installation path to BASEDIR/share.

Built files, src/guvcview and data/gnome.desktop, are dependent
on this path, so if a new prefix is set a make clean is required
before issuing the make command.

After running the configure script the normal, make && make install
should build and install all the necessary files.

guvcview bin:


The binarie file installs to the standart location,
/usr/local/bin, to change the install path, configure
must be executed with --prefix=DIR set, this will cause
the bin file to be installed in DIR/bin, make sure
DIR/bin is set in your PATH variable, or the gnome
menu entry will fail.

guvcview libraries:

(libgviewv4l2core, libgviewrender, libgviewaudio, libgviewencoder)

The core functionality of guvcview is now split into 4 libraries
these will install to ${prefix}/lib and development headers to
pkg-config should be use to determine the compile flags.



The desktop file (gnome menu entry) is built from the
data/ definition and is dependent on the
configure --prefix setting, any changes to this, must
be done in data/

configuration files:


The configuration file is saved into the $HOME dir when
exiting guvcview. If a video device with index > 0,
e.g: /dev/video1 is used then the file stored will be
named ~/.config/guvcview2/video1

Executing guvcview

For instructions on the command line args
execute "guvcview --help".