1.61 beta available

  • Greetings all,

    I've got a beta of 1.61 available.  There's no internal format changes so it should be safe to install or replace with 1.60 later.  You can get it at:


    Note the "https" in the URL.  Non-SSL access is currently broken so you'll need to use the secure link and its self-signed SSL certificate.


    * Updated the version bitmap.

    * Updated the URL to point to the new http://weaselreader.org address.

    * I've made a big overhaul of how Weasel handles key presses.  Over the years this has become a huge mess on Palm devices as many have their own keycodes/chars for the *same* actions.  I've attempted to unify things somewhat and get 5-way support working more fully and on more devices.

    So, if you've got a device with a 5-way/D-pad unit on it, here's how the keys work.  In the index, up/down move up/down one item at a time.  Left goes up one directory, right opens the current directory/book.  Select opens the menu which you can then browse through with the 5-way.  In the text display, up/down page up and down.  Left returns to the index, and right opens the bookmark popup.  Select opens the menu.

    If your device has a jogdial instead, I think it should behave mostly as it did before.  My Clie TH-55 has both a jog dial and left/right buttons beside it.  They L/R buttons behave the same as the 5-way L/R.  Jog dial presses open the select directory/book.  The jog "back" button still doesn't seem to work quite right, though...

    Please post any comments you have to this thread.  Thanks!

    --John Gruenenfelder

    • Alice Taylor
      Alice Taylor

      I'd prefer to be able to customize the right and left on the 5-way, but this is a great improvement as it is. Thanks.

      I always add annotations, not bookmarks, so this won't affect me too much, but if I add a bookmark and then delete it, my palm crashes (resets).

      • I've got another user who would also like to do something different with the L/R buttons.  With the new unified key layer, this should be a little easier to do.  I'll look into it.

        I've tried recreating the bookmark bug you've described, but I can't get Weasel to crash.  Can you provide any more information?  I've tried on OS 4 and 5 and with a document that already had bookmarks and one which had no bookmarks.

        Unfortunately, I still cannot get "external" storage to work in the emulator or simulator (i.e. mem cards) so I've only tested with docs in internal memory.  Where was your doc located?

        --John Gruenenfelder

        • Alice Taylor
          Alice Taylor

          the doc was in internal memory. my T|X is running 5.4.9

          It happens only when there were no previous bookmarks. But only if it's the first and only bookmark. If I create more than one bookmark, then i can delete them all okay. And once I've deleted them all, I can create another one and delete it. Or, if I create the bookmark, exit weasel, and re-enter I can delete it okay. Although, if I then exit weasel again, if i re-enter and add the (first) bookmark and delete it, weasel crashes.

          So it's something specific about deleting the first and only bookmark added after opening the doc and before closing it.

    • jjmcgaffey

      Um...John...I tried the link and ... self-signed? from Snake Oil? Is that really right? If you say so I'm willing, but that's not exactly a confidence-enhancing name!

      • Well, it's self-signed because it's not a business and I'm certainly not going to pay whatever exorbitant rates VeriSign (or whomever) feels like charging.

        And Snake Oil...  that's just the Apache webserver's default organization name when you create a self-signed certificate.  Normally I put in something like "Frodo Heavy Industrial Concern, Ltd." to, you know, give it some style.  :)  I must have forgotten to do that on this one.

        Of course, the real solution here is to get standard http (port 80) access working again.  That will take a new router and that should be online in about two or three weeks.

        --John Gruenenfelder