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Weasel Reader 1.61 Released

Major new features include fixed support for the Palm 5-way navigator (i.e. d-pad buttons) plus the ability to remap keys to perform user specified actions while reading.

There is also a new "Most Recently Read" list maintained by Weasel Reader to help frequent users keep tabs on what they are currently reading.

Download the new release:

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2008-07-21

Weasel Reader 1.61 beta available

The final "Independence Day Beta" of Weasel Reader 1.61 is now available. Notable new features include proper Palm 5-way button support, user mappable key actions, and a new 'Most Recently Read' list to track your favorite books. The English version of the beta may be downloaded from:
Please test the beta and send in reports. The project is also currently looking for volunteers to update many of the translations.

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2008-07-07

Weasel Reader 1.60 released

The first stable version of Weasel Reader under its new name (formerly GutenPalm) has been released. Weasel Reader is a document/book reader for Palm OS devices. This new version has full OS 5.x and hi-res support along with a brand new directory/folder browsing system built into the ma1in document index.

Visit Weasel Reader's website at http://gutenpalm.sourceforge.net for more information.

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2007-06-28

GutenPalm v1.41 released

It's finally out! Fixes for several crashes. Rotation now works on color devices. Search progress indicator and ability to stop searches. And makeztxt finally works under Windows. Huzzah!

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2001-08-02

GutenPalm 1.40 released

GutenPalm v1.40 is finally released! The major improvement in this version is on-demand decompression. Read your books in less time and less space. Many bugfixes too, especially for pre-3.5 Palm OS users. Version 1.40 also comes with a host of new display options and improved user control. Give it a try!

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2001-06-07

GutenPalm version 1.2 Released

GutenPalm version 1.2 is now out the door. Many new features in this version including: Lots of help, full annotation support, autoscrolling, beaming, and text searching.

makeztxt 1.1 is now available as well. Only a few minor changes, but it does perform slightly better text formatting for your zTXT files. In addition, a Windows port has been started by David Carley.

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2001-01-21

Version 1.0 released

The first stable release of GutenPalm is available. Version 1.0 has everything you'll need for Free Reading. For information regarding features, use, examples, etc. go to:


Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2000-09-24

help wanted: Windows port

If anybody out there has a little Windows programming experience, your help would be greatly appreciated in making a Windows port of makeztxt. Right now it compiles/runs under UNIX. A Windows port (GUI or not) should be fairly easy to do.

Posted by John Gruenenfelder 2000-09-24