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New Quanta SVN package

An updated Quanta package was released to accomodate for recent Quanta SVN commits.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2005-07-05

New version 0.2.0

Gubed PHP Debugger 0.2.0 is now available for Linux and Windows. Highlights of the release include full Windows support, improved documentation and a clean up in the user interfaces.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2005-04-28

New version 0.1.4

0.1.4 of Gubed PHP Debugger was just uploaded to sourceforge. Most changes and improvements are related to StartSession, but there are also other improvements like a parser cache, better handling of for-loops and bugfixes.
This version also introduces an experimental Gubed extension for the Firefox browser, developed by James Humphreys, that will ease Gubed usage.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2005-03-10

New version 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2 of Gubed PHP Debugger is released with step over and backtrace as feature highlights.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-10-14

New Quanta package for recent versions of Quanta CVS

Users of Quanta from CVS should now use the new Quanta CVS 2004-10-10 package.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-10-10

New version 0.1.1

Version 0.1.1 of Gubed is now released. The release focus was mainly on fixing the docs, fixing bugs and quirks, and getting a Windows package available. The overall packaging is also improved and will hopefully make it easier for beginners to get started.
With this release, Gubed is also going from alpha to beta state.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-09-07

Gubed For Quanta

Uploaded new package of Gubed for use with the recently released version 3.3 of Quanta.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-08-20

New release, 0.0.10

Gubed release 0.0.10 is now available, introducing conditional breakpoints. Enjoy

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-06-03

New version 0.0.9

Fresh from the oven, a new release: 0.0.9.
This release has updates to the Gubed protocol that renders the Gubed Server optional. The server can still be used as a proxy server for people behind NATs.
This release is suitabel for Quanta CVS as of 2004-05-21, but not for Quanta BE2.

Happy debugging

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-05-21

Major changes in protocol, (Quanta users, read!)

I'll soon start to commit some major changes to how Gubed works internally (parts of it mean making the server part optional).
Initially, the changes will only be made to the wxCient and they will be incompatible with the protocol currently in Quanta, so Quanta users *can not* use CVS for some time.
wxClient users are welcome to test the changes, however! (You can have both old and new version simultaneously as well)

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-05-07

New version

0.0.5 was released with some nice improvements: New parser for PHP versions with enabled tokenizer (more reliable than old parser), speed improvements, especially in leap mode. Convenience menues added to the wx client for commonly used variables. Speed setting for run-mode, bugfixes and more. The server part of this release is also what you will need for the first version of Quanta+ (BE release) that is having some Gubed support.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2004-04-23

Release 0.0.4

Source-only relese 0.0.4.
No major changes, mostly build related stuff.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2003-12-21

New alpha release, 0.0.3

* Improved php parser code
* Improved error reporting, especially of unhandled scripts (includes)
* Improved variable watching, now supports more datatypes (like objects)
* Fixed bug that crashes gbdwxClient at refresh of watches
* Fixed some gui issues

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2003-05-27

New 0.0.2 alpha

Release 0.0.2 released a few days ago, this is more or less a complete remake since 0.0.1 (the web-version) and the code is now diveded into php scripts, server and client. Currently, a client based on wxWindows is available.

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2003-04-28

Release removed

I've decided to remove the old web-based release for now. A new 0.0.2a release with a wxWindows based client will hopefulle be released soon. In the meantime, feel free to try CVS

Posted by Linus Brimstedt 2003-04-15