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File Date Author Commit
branches 22 hours ago maxiaoguang [r881] * Channel Mixer menu command for new layer/chan...
externals 2013-10-09 maxiaoguang [r803] -- relocate FastMM to new repository address
tags 2012-03-07 maxiaoguang [r607] The code at Revision 588 is stable and released.
trunk 2014-04-04 maxiaoguang [r828] * Fixed a bug for air-brush on painting on sele...
CleanUp.bat 2012-08-13 CWBudde [r682] * updated CleanUp.bat to remove *.map files and...
ReadMe.TXT 2012-08-13 CWBudde [r689] * MAJOR UPDATE: Refactored file structure in a ...

Read Me


GraphicsMagic is an open source project distributed under the GPL. It is an
image processing application developed in Delphi using several external open source libraries such as GR32.

This directory is aimed to be the root for the SVN repository containing directories for tags, branches, externals and the trunk directory.

Please have a look at the trunk directory containing the latest source code, resources and other stuff, which is necessary for development.