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Read Me

GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client. Features include:

  - browse and search modes
  - LDAPv3 schema browser
  - template editor
  - edit and delete entries
  - add entries with templates
  - export subtree or whole server to LDIF file
  - use any number of servers
  - search based on single argument or LDAP filter
  - TLS support for LDAPv3
  - filter bookmarks

Getting GQ:


* Configuration file syntax
  The configuration file syntax has changed between 0.7.0 and 1.0 in
  a backwardly incompatible way. You should backup your old configuration, in
  case you want/need to go back to a version earlier than 1.0!!

* Upgrading to GTK2 & configuration
  The configuration file up to 0.7.0 was saved in a locale specific
  encoding. When using GTK2 the UTF-8 encoding gets used. Switching
  back to an older version may cause configuration data corruption!
  The configuration file syntax has changed between 0.6.0 and 0.7.0 in
  a backwardly incompatible way. You should backup your old configuration, in
  case you want/need to go back to a version earlier than 0.7.0!!



  You'll need the OpenLDAP library and header files (
  If you compile against OpenLDAP 2.x libraries, GQ will have access to LDAPv3
  schema information, and use it. However, it will work with any LDAPv3
  compliant server (and then some) once compiled.

  If you compile against OpenLDAP 1.2.x or another LDAP library, the schema
  functionality won't be available at all.

  If you have trouble compiling gq, please first try to compile gq with a 
  recent version of OpenLDAP. Note that the "officially supported"
  (this only means that the maintainer of gq uses it) OpenLDAP is at version
  2.0.23 or above. Support for OpenLDAP 2.1.x is not yet fully tested, but some
  code dealing with peculiarities of 2.1 is already present. Testers (and
  contributors) are welcome.
  You will also need gtk+ 1.2.x installed.

  For support of the advanced support for the jpegPhoto attribute you will
  also need gdk-pixbuf.

  To be able to use the advanced support for X509 certificates, for a
  correct treatment of the userPassword attribute and for TLS/SSL
  support of gq you will also need OpenSSL (0.9.6b is known to
  work). [Note: The use of OpenSSL may not be legal in your country
  due to laws prohibiting its use. Nobody connected with gq advises you
  to use OpenSSL in this situation or takes any responsibility if you
  nevertheless do so.]

  NOTE: since 0.6.0 gq contains support for internationalized messages
  and for the detection of client side codepages (eg. ISO-8859-2 if you
  live in a country in the eastern part of Europe.) For this to work
  you _might_ have to use the --with-localedir configure option to point
  to your system locale directory (In this case you might have to be
  root to install gq, as the message catalogs are stored
  there). Otherwise your system library might not be able to find the
  correct codepage to use for your locale. If this is no option, you might
  alternativly try any of the following methods:

  1.) Use the --with-default-codeset option of the configure script.

  2.) Copy the stuff for your locale found under your system locale
      directory to the equivalent position below the gq locale directory
      (most importantly the LC_CTYPE file)

  Note that I never tried the 2nd possibility. Also note that I am not
  an I18N/codeset expert, so all of the above may be complete
  non-sense... you have been warned. Any clarifications/reports about this
  are welcome.

  Having said all of the above there is hope that a recent reordering
  of how things are done during detection of the codeset none of all
  of the above is actually necessary. Please try it and report any

  For more generic installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.

  If your OpenLDAP installation is in a nonstandard place, use

	configure --with-ldap-prefix=/path/to/install

  The configure program expects to find the headers and libraries under
  include/ and lib/ respectively.

  If your LDAP server uses Kerberos, compile GQ with Kerberos support:

	configure --with-kerberos-prefix=/path/to/install

  To enable LDAPv3 over TLS support, simply build your LDAP libraries
  with TLS capabilities enabled, and GQ should auto-configure.  See
  README.TLS for more information.


  GQ is a Sourceforge project. The Sourceforge URL is:

  Contributions are more than welcome, and your help is appreciated.


  For any feedback, comments, suggestions for improvement, and requests for
  features, please join the mailing list at Sourceforge. You can subscribe
  on this URL:

  As of version 0.6.0 (and some beta versions before that version)
  Peter Stamfest <> is the new maintainer of gq. You can
  also directly contact him.

  The inventor and long-time maintainer of gq can be contacted at, but he is out of the day-to-day business with gq ;-)

  Here is the original note from bert:
      You can also mail be directly at Alternatively, you can
      join the #ldap channel on either IRCnet or OPN.


  Joris Heyndrickx ( made the logo and icons.
  Karl Derdelinckx ( made the website.
  Ross Golder ( contributed RPM and Gnome integration
  Doug Nazar ( contributed speed fixes for browse
	mode and many other fixes. He is also a GTK+ wizard.
  Alexander Guy ( added support for TLS with LDAPv3.