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Read Me

Note that version 1.0c is in alpha stage.

Are you tired on that the admin always selects the weaponsets? Do you want to decide over your own weaponsets?

This *mode* will allow you to play a style where each team decides about what they should get as weapons (there is some limits). Also you will have the exclusive opportunity to customize your own weapon (there is some limits here too :P).

This mode is like 'customize your own continents' in Continental Supplies

Install instructions:
- Extact the zipfile somewhere...
- Open the executable 'GlobalismStore'.
- Go to help
- Press the button 'Install script for me'
- Set up team?
- Restart hedgewars and enjoy


- Install gtk 3
- Debianlike sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0
->Compile with:


- install cygwin
- install gtk 3 libraries
->Compile with

make cygwin

==(MAC OS X)==
- install xtools from app store
->went through this tutorial
->installed gtk with
jhbuild meta-gtk-osx-gtk3
-installing gtk3 takes some time...
->go back to this directory, and type

make macosx

--->if anything went wrong, then tell me :P