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0.3.2 - maintenance release

After a very long break from personal coding, I've whipped up a new release. The changeset was small and focused on bugs with gcstl_map that I discovered recently when trying to make use of it in other projects.

Note: I should never post news items late at night. My grammar and spelling on the original post was awful!

Posted by Chucks 2008-03-22

Gentoo ebuild submission

Well, I did it. I sucked up my courage and submitted the most recent gcstl ebuild to for inclusion into portage. I would be thrilled to have it taken up into a mainstream linux distribution, and I think it would provide some much needed exposure and attention.

Posted by Chucks 2007-10-17

Return from hiatus

I am returning from hiatus, and I have a few goals that developed over my absence.

1. Doxygen for all header files. This is very important because I don't want any potential developers to always have to dig through the source code for documentation, and I also want to post the resulting doxygen for the project web page. Once I have the API fully documented and a Doxyfile built to spec, I will make another minor release to incorporate the documentation additions.... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-10-17

0.3.1 - initial source code hotfix release

Well, guess what, I had a few mistakes on that first release. Serves me right for kicking it out so late at night!

I'm still new to automake/autoconf/libtool, and the libtool way of versioning shared libraries threw me off. After I looked at the version numbers on the .so files and their symlinks, I released that wasn't how I wanted it done from the start. I also had some erroneous data in the pkgconfig file, as well. Both issues have been resolved, and the hotfix has been uploaded.

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-28

release 0.3.0 dropped

I dropped the 0.3.0 release tonight. I couldn't think of any more reasonable tasks I could get done, and I'm likely to be busy the day and night of the 31st.


Posted by Chucks 2007-08-27

Test Driven Development

Man, TDD has saved my hide a few times. We leverage it at work, and I have become a believer in its impact.

I was writing some unit tests, and boy did they unveil some serious issues! I forgot to point the rbtree->root element to an element if the root got rotated, I missed a few necessary null checks in the rbtree remove functionality, and originally coded rbtree to rebalance every removed item's replacement whether the algorithm called for it or not.... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-22

Stacks and Queues nearly done, time for the niceties

Release is coming soon...and I'm going to get to do everything I wanted and maybe even some more!

I'm nearly finished with stacks and queues. The only item I want to do for them is modify a few names and change how cstl_stack_top and cstl_queue_front will work.

I now have about 2 weeks to work on all the extra stuff that I didnt plan for. If I get all of the extra work done early, then the release will be early. What's the extra stuff, you ask? Well thanks for asking, I'll tell you!... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-17

Only stacks and queues left!

Well, here I am again, writing a news update after a late night coding session.

After reviewing the state of the project, I am confident that the initial source release will be on time for August 31. As always, if you want the latest and greatest, pull the SVN head.

I modified some internals related to unlinking elements from the datastructures, and I uncovered a few minor bugs and one serious bug.... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-16

Back on Schedule

Well, the internet issue at home got worked out, and I can utilized 400 kbps more, too!

I've just committed what I hope are to be the final touches of the initial source release. I need to add some additional tests to the project to verify that everything is stable and working as expected. I'm not sure if I will have the chance to whip up any doxygen for the project at this stage, but I will try.... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-15

Technical Difficulties

No, I'm not experiencing technical difficulties with, but I am experiencing them with my residential DSL provider. I have been out of commission for the last 5 days, so work on the project has ground to a halt. I am typing this message from my job, but I don't feel that doing heavy development on my employer's time and dime is ethical.

I am hoping that this initial code release will come out the middle of this month. Doxygen generated API documentation and a simple web page for will soon follow in a full release afterward.

Posted by Chucks 2007-08-06

Nearing initial release

We've been working hard to get the initial release out there. This release will be a source code release to get the project out there for inspection and review and feedback. If you really want to see what's going on, feel free to checkout the lastest work form the subversion repository.

Initial release checklist:
- Setup project to use automake build system - DONE
- Package and ship ebuild file for deployment on Gentoo - DONE
- Setup project to execute unit tests using cunit 2.0 - DONE
- Implement doubly linked list data structure - DONE
- Implement queue interface wrapper to the doubly linked list data structure - TODO
- Implement stack interface wrapper to the doubly linked list data structure - TODO
- Implement red-black tree data structure - DONE
- Implement set interface wrapper to the red-black tree data structure - DONE
- Implement map interface wrapper to the red-black tree data structure - IN PROGRESS... read more

Posted by Chucks 2007-07-28