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Read Me

Game Conqueror
Game Conqueror is a graphical game cheating tool under Linux, as a frontend of scanmem.

Interface and user-feeling are expected to be similar and hopefully better than CheatEngine (a powerful cheating tool under Windows).

scanmem (latest version)

You are supposed to be familiar with cheating tools like CheatEngine

- Search for a value in the Value entry, then press Enter or the scan buttons
  * Use syntax supported by scanmem
    1. <an integer>: search for the number -- so far you should provide an integer even when search for a float number, 
                    and rounding will be used
    2. <, =, >: search for values that decreased, not changed, and increased, respectively
  * You scan enable/disable searching for integer/float using the checkboxes.
  * Pay attention to 'Found: XX' at topleft 
  * Results will be displayed in the left list if there are not too many 
- Add a candidate address to the list below by double-click on it or use the context-menu
- There you can edit description, value, and lock it.

!! Currently only '=' locking is supported, which means the '>' and '<' flags are useless
!! Pay attention to the output of GameConqueror, you'll see error messages from scanmem -- so GameConqueror is recommended to be executed in a shell

Comparing with CheatEngine
You may have a feeling of deja vu, because the UI is almost a clone of CheatEngine, yep, that's right
And here's the differences:

Adv. of GameConqueror/scanmem
* data type/width auto detected -- you won't need to struggle among them anymore!
* flexible syntax -- to be implemented

Disadv.of GameConqueror/scanmem
* memory editing might be supported
* currently, assemble/disassemble/pointers are not taken into consideration

Wang Lu <coolwanglu(a)>

GPL v3