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 G3D10 2015-07-10 icare3d [r5889] Adding bindless pointer retrieval from GLPixelT...
 G3D9 2014-02-20 mikemx7f [r4568] Fixed: [G3D] error in G3D9 GuiText.H header file.
 branches 2013-02-15 mikemx7f [r2898] Deleted the collada branch of G3D, since it has...
 data 2013-08-18 morgan3d [r3768] moved
 data10 2015-07-04 morgan3d [r5888]
 web 2015-02-18 morgan3d [r5712] updated svn url
 web-source 2014-12-03 morgan3d [r5513]
 README.TXT 2015-08-02 morgan3d [r5890]

Read Me

G3D development switched to CodePlex on August 1, 2015. The latest version of G3D is available at:

The SourceForge build is no longer maintained. This exists only for historical purposes and backwards

   Optional data asset packs for use with G3D. These can be checked out independently from SVN.
   The data10/common pack is needed for most samples and tests.   

   Code for building the library and essential assets.