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Read Me

Functional Reactive Virtual Reality Project
Kristopher J. Blom

The FRVR project consists of three portions presently:
AFRP which is the original Yampa code, with some improvements,
rearrangements, and additional functionality. FRVR which
is the core of the FRVR project and finally a series
of examples(that function but sometimes show shortcomings
of naive programming and the non-AFRP extended system) 
demonstrating how to use it.  

Contained with is the early alpha pre-release of the
FRVR project.  Most of what is present is functional, but
there are portions that are still missing or incomplete.
For instance, the build system is not very good presently
as it uses various techniques.  Only the VR Juggler build
is present. Additionally, the biggest problem is the 
missing documentation, although the Yampa based code
extensions are fairly well documented.  Comments in the
code base are the only help.

ghc 6.4.1 or new
vrjuggler 2.0 series or newer 
arrowp (soon to be replaced)
OSG is needed for the examples

Getting the source:
Currently there are no releases of FRVR in this early 
available code. The use will need to check out the
code from the SVN fround at
The source is in two projects trees and should be 
checked out seperately.  The AFRP code is in the
base and can be checked out with 
 svn co
The FRVR and example code are in a single branch 
 svn co

The basic build process:
Build AFRP: in the AFRP directly build as directed in the
AFRP section. (this still uses arrowp and will be replaced
by using the ghc -f arrows flag soon). This can either
be installed in the usual place (in ghc itself) or in a 
directory called afrp in this directory (which is assumed
in the rest of the build)

Build FRVR: There the file has to have it's parameters
set. Then make should do it. Afterwards the should
be edited to reflect the positions of requirements AFRP, VR Juggler
FRVR libraries

Build examples. Each example should build with make, as long as is set correctly.