#28 Freemarker Help plugin for Eclipse

A Homa

This is an plugin for Eclipse IDE, that can be used
with the other freemarker plugins.


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    I have the received the missing attachment if somebody is
    interested... now I "attach" it.

  • Attila Szegedi
    Attila Szegedi

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    Hm. This is cool. We could make this available from the plugin
    download page. Of course, it'd be best if the plugin download
    contain the docs as well - altough that'd make it a cca. 850K
    ZIP download...
    What would *really* be cool is if the contributor of the plugin
    would contribute code for automatically generating the
    toc.xml file. That way we could keep the plugin in sync with
    documentation changes.

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    Yeah, I have discuess about this with the guy. The site.xml
    and the XDocBook XML together need to be used to generate
    the toc.xml. Thus, I guess that toc.xml should be generated as
    the part of the ant "dist" task, so the FreeMarker release has
    to contain only those few Eclipse specific files (as toc.xml),
    since the docs HTML-s are already there), and then a simple
    copy-ing into the Eclipse plugins directory, and you have the
    help. Like the REAME.txt of the patch sais it, anyway.

    BTW the guy said he may wants to do this toc.xml generator
    stuff. (I haven't heard about him since then.)

  • A Homa
    A Homa

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    I am back from my vacation. Finally I have a clue about the
    building of the documentation.
    I am hoping this week we can have the generation of the toc.xml.

  • A Homa
    A Homa

    Patch to the Freemarker source tree.

  • A Homa
    A Homa

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    Hi guys. I uploaded a patch to the Freemarker source tree,
    that now generates the table of contents for the Eclipse plugin.
    Please check it out.

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    Seems that everybody is bussy, but we didn't forget about the
    patch... thank you for it. I hope somebody (I?) will check it
    out in a few days.

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    This is always a problematic thing to say, since you don't get
    paymet for your work here, but (IMO) we can't integrate the
    patch in its current state. It needs some refactoring, because
    its too much a copy-pase-and-hack now, which degrades the
    understandability and thus the ease of maintenance on long
    term. In the site module, it should use the site.xml directly as
    input file (and not as a project file). In the docgen module you
    should use freemarker Ant task, an not a modified version of
    the docgen trasnform task.

    As of the output, I think it would be better if the site ToC is
    not displayed in the toc-tree, only a "WWW site" link that
    points to the site index.html. (If it would prevent the indexing
    of all site HTML files, then the "WWW site" node should be a
    folder). So the point is that on the top level there should be
    only two nored: "WWW Site" and "Manual". Why? The Manual
    folder is very confusing above the list of "Manual shortcuts",
    since the you doesn't use the 2 level hiearachy of the site toc
    (and the ToC tree would by too deep if you do...), but show
    only the 2nd level entries falttened. Anyway, the flattened site
    ToC in itself is confusing, and the site HTML-s already have a
    good hierarchical toc side-bar.

    Also, it would be better to say user to copy the "docs" dir
    itself into the help pulgin dir (rather than copying its
    *content* into the "html" dir), so that subdir is should not be
    "html" but "docs".

  • A Homa
    A Homa

    Refactored version of the patch to the source tree. Please read Refactor-note.txt.

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