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src 2015-04-12 prembhaskal prembhaskal [6f2261] printing trace so that exception is not lost.
test 2015-03-22 Ulf Lorenz Ulf Lorenz [ceb9fb] Review of task 299 (recreating configuration room)
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Read Me

Freelords is going to be a turn-based strategy game in the tradition of the
original Warlords series of games. The homepage with further information can
be found under http://freelords.sf.net

This package is a first step towards a serious restructuring of the old game
code, which can be downloaded as version <= tech release 0.4.1. In this release
cycle, we will focus on reimplementing the underlying core functionality
(client/server, sound engine, xml loading) in a cleaner, simpler, tested way.
Right now, you can start a server, or start the client and go through three
dialogs (splash screen, connection to the server, some simple server movement
screen). If you start multiple clients and go to the "configuration room", you
can setup and start a new game. There, you can only look at some rudimentary
scenario and have a chat.

The build system uses ant. Run "ant -p" to get a list of targets. Just running
"ant all" will build the sources, the tests, and run the tests. To get an
installable package, run "ant deploy". This will create a new directory "deploy"
that contains all files and setups needed to run the server and the client,
with shell scripts to start these two.

We are always interested in new developers, so if you want to code in Java and
are interested in learning or using test-driven development for a game, just mail