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Read Me

Free Baseball Simulator
by Tom Stellard <>

The Free Baseball Simulator contains a suite of programs that can be
used to simulate baseball games.  The simulator is able to simulate
complete seasons with no obvious bugs.  There is an experimental GUI
program called fbs-gtk that will help you to run simulations and view
statistics.  However, if you want to  make use of all of the features
of Free Baseball Simulator, you should use the command line tools.
The easiest way to do this is with the script found in the bin
directory. You can run like this:

perl 1 --regression  --db=sqlite

1 is the number of seasons to simulate
--regression uses 1 to seed seed the random number generator to keep results
--db=sqlite tells it to use sqlite as the database, if you compiled with mysql
support use --db=mysql for more information about how to setup the databases
read the INSTALL file.

Other Options:
--slow		This will save boxscores in the database and reacord team wins
		and loses.

--html		Save boxscores in html format, so they can be displayed on web

When this script is complete it will dump stats from the simulations and
compare it with statistics from real MLB seasons.

If you look at the stats and think they are not realistic, you can always
edit the simulator code, recompile and run again.  The simplest way to modify
the simulator is to open the src/sim_game_func.c file and make changes to
the sim_ab function.

If you see any errors, make sure you have read the INSTALL file, and
if you are still having problems send an email to the mailing list: I am more than happy to help
you out.  In fact, if you use this program at all send me an e-mail and tell
me what you think.  Patches are especially welcome.

Development of Free Baseball Simulator is just beginning, so check back
often for updates.