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Read Me

A free UML tool.
1) Support UML 2.xx;
2) Used in Windows(2000/XP/Vista);
3) Can generate source code / CHM from model, or parse source code into model by JavaScript;
4) 12 kinds of diagram are supported except object diagram.
5) Very nice,simple and easy to use.

The project is a UML tool, support UML2.x.x, It complies with GPL, but some files in the project complies with LGPL, for example xml.cpp,log.cpp.
I am very happy that you can join the project in any way. You can join in as a developer, as a tester or only as a stander-by.

Known bugs
2)	Help is not enough;
3)	Symbol Toolbar tips not always can be shown;
4)	......

Vision of the project 
1)	A very stable tool that can fully support UML 2.x.x;
2)	Project compare and merge to support team work;
3)	Output source code with Javascript, for example output C++/Java/C# and etc;
4)	Parse model from source code, or integrated with other develop tools, for example, VC;
5)	Use it in other domain, for example, to design work flow, and etc.

The SVN path is
If you are ready to join it, please mail to me, I will add to the list.