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Read Me

David Car (
Michael List (

A Fortran compiler supporting the ISO_C_BINDINGS intrinsic module.  Currently,
the following should work:

gfortran > 4.3
ifort > 10.0
pgfortran latest

Also, of course you need the NVIDIA CUDA SDK.  I'm using version 2.3 at this time.

None at the moment



The CUDA.F90 module contains ISO_C_BINDINGS interfaces for various CUDA SDK
functions.  Compiling that will give you the cuda.o object file and cuda.mod
module.  Simply "use" the cuda module in your code.  See the main.F90 for an

To build the example test, do:

make library
make ARCH=64 library
make ARCH=64

This will build in emulation mode.  To build the code for the device, edit the
Makefile NVCCFLAGS variable and remove -deviceemu.  It should then look like:


Then do:

make clean
make clean
make ARCH=64

You'll find a "test" executable in the examples directory.  Run that.  Its a
simple vector add.  If it fails you may wish to decrease the size of the
allocated vectors (they are quite large for low or mid range cards).