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Amazon wishlist (If you want to help :) )

I am posting this message to let you all know my amazon wishlist.


If you wish to support this project, you can help by either gifting a book or donating to this project through Sourceforge.


Posted by sajid 2007-03-11

Website Down

Hi All,
Our forum website is down as there was some problem with the hosting company.

We are tying our best to lauch it back pretty soon.


Posted by sajid 2006-11-24

A small bug has been fixed.

There was a small bug in the file "single.php".

The code to get the Next and Previous was wrongly written.

The code should have been:

All of you who are using the old version 0.1.1 should either download version 0.1.2 or make this change in your php file.

Thanks again for everyone for posting your feedback.

Posted by sajid 2006-10-18

New version added with MX2004 support

I have been getting feedback that some of you who are using Flash MX2004 are not able to open the Flash file.

For the same, I have released a new package, which basically contains the same files EXCEPT the addition of one more FLA file saved as MX2004 version.

This will allow more users to test this.

Hope that Helps.

Posted by sajid 2006-09-29

Version 0.1.0 released (Stable)

Hi All,

Latest version 0.1.0 has been released today.

If you are using any previous version, it is highly recommended to upgrade to this release.

The latest version contains many major bug fixes.

1. Comments are now working.
2. Wordpress 2.0 is fully supported now.
3. Categories and search also working.

Along with this release, we would also like to announce the launch of the project website located here:... read more

Posted by sajid 2006-09-23

New version released

Hi all,

Today I have updated the package with a new release.

This release will now work with WP 2.0 as well.

There are some small issues with the comments section, trying to resolve them as soon as possible.

Do let me know your feedback after you try this version.

Thanks and Regards
Sajid Saiyed

Posted by sajid 2006-09-22

Update on 21st September 2006

Hi All,

We have been looking at all the feedback that we are
getting. I know I am not that prompt in replying, but I
am trying my level best to keepup.

With this post, I would like to say a few words about
the current state of this project.

As you all know, the current release is ALPHA, and
hence its full of bugs (known and unknown).

A lot of you have helped us locate them and hence we
are working on a new version. The new version should be
more robust as and stable.... read more

Posted by sajid 2006-09-21

Major bug fix.

There was a major bug in the plugin file. The comments XML was not generated correctly. To correct this, a new function has been added in the plugin file.

It is recommended to upgrade to the latest release version.

Posted by sajid 2006-02-01

Pre-Alpha released for testing and feedback

Hi all,
Flash-Blog pre-alpha is released today, so go grab it if you want to test it (its only a pre-alpha and is ment for initial TESTING ONLY, so don't try it on a live site)

I have included a 'readme' and 'install' files in the package, please go through them to get the first things set-up and running properly.

In case of any questions, you can start a forum topic.

I am looking forward to some results of this testing. You can start a forum topic to discuss how it goes.... read more

Posted by sajid 2006-01-18

New Logo and Homepage Created

Just created a new Logo and the homepage for the project.

Posted by sajid 2006-01-15

Project Initiated

Today is the first day of 'flash-blog' project on sourceforge.

Those of you who are not aware of how it started, here is the link to my blog post:


And this link will take you to the existing version of the flash-blog as hosted on my website:


By putting thi sproject on SourceForge - I want to share this work and take this development a step forward by opening it to the community.... read more

Posted by sajid 2006-01-11