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FingaMIDI / News: Recent posts

See homepage for news

See http://fingamidi.sourceforge.net/ for up-to-date news.

Posted by Stu Yarrow 2004-07-06

FingaMIDI 1.0rc2 Released

See homepage for more details.


Posted by Stu Yarrow 2004-03-10

FingaMIDI 1.0rc1 Released

1.0 release candidate 1 is here...

Changes include:
Better (and persistant) calibration
User-configurable MIDI channel and controller numbers
Command line tool for switching between modes

Posted by Stu Yarrow 2004-02-22

FingaMIDI 0.2.1 beta Update Released

This release fixes a minor problem with the install packages. There are no changes to the software itself.

Posted by Stu Yarrow 2003-11-26

FingaMIDI 0.2 beta Released

As of 2003/11/19, the first public beta version of FngaMIDI is available to download. See the project homepage http://fingamidi.sourceforge.net/ for more details.

Posted by Stu Yarrow 2003-11-24