#557 WMC Receiver Service stop working in Vista


When using Windows Media Center in Vista using a WMC remote control or mouse, I start a movie and all apears fine until I try to do something during the play back (i.e. press the info. button on the remote or same menue with the mouse) I choose one of the menu options and nothing happens. The menu is frozen all menu funtions do not respond. After trying to get some responce by hitting different keys on the keyboard I sometimes get a menu to finally come up. I then try to resume play of the current movie which is still playing in the background or try to restart it or start a new movie and all I get is a black screen, however, the audio for the movie sellected does play. Then when exiting WMC I get the following error: "Windows Media Center Receiver Service stopped working and was closed". Often this also causes the mouse not to work properly also. When I open up a window and try to select a item that is several options down on a directory list all of the items from the top to that item are selected, as if the shift key is being held down or stuck. I have checked that and it is not stuck. If I click on the item to open the directory, since several are selected all of the selected folders are opened. This can be fixed if I log off the user and log back on. The mouse then begins to act properly again.