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FAF-Basic Interpreter runs on Linux for the first time

Hi, the main FAF-Basic Interpreter units can be compiled with FreePascal for Linux! This means now we can start porting the IDE to Linux+gtk.

You can find the sources for the Lazarus-Tests here: http://fafbasic.cvs.sourceforge.net/fafbasic/FAFBasic_CVS/LAZARUS/

On the project web site you can find a screenshot:
http://fafbasic.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FAF-Basic_Interpreter_%28Linux%29_Test_Screenshots... read more

Posted by Felix Alter 2007-09-30

New FAF-Basic Snapshot Release (0.3.0 Snapshot April 2007)

Hi, I released a new "Snapshot Release": http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=126521&package_id=138406&release_id=504797

This contains some newer changes. Command Line Parameters are now available for the IDE, the Splash was changed (but this is irrelevant) and you can PlaySound("xyz.wav") now.

Greetings from Micdorf :-]

Posted by Felix Alter 2007-04-30

Homepage online again

Hi! The Homepage update has finished.
And it works! You can now register (or, if you do want everyone to see your IP, let it be) and write articles. But remember that this is not Wikipedia! So the articles must be related to FAF-Basic.

Without wax ;-D

Posted by Felix Alter 2007-04-10

Homepage update

Hi! How you can see, the homepage http://fafbasic.sourceforge.net/ is being updated now. As I had to note, even the old MediaWiki 1.6 does not support PHP 4. therefore I take version 1.5 for this. I hope that then the Copyright notice and some special pages that displayed data trash before will work peoperly (maybe this was even in the db, so I will recreate it, too).
Even logging in did not work, but maybe this was only because of a mistake of mine: I had forgotten to create the session save path.
I hope tomorrow this will work again and better than ever!... read more

Posted by Felix Alter 2007-04-10

FAF-Basic Interpreter 0.0.2 PRE-ALPHA released


the FAF-Basic Interpreter Version 0.0.2 pre-alpha was released. Now the mathematical calculations should be more intuitive. There is also a new feature called MessageDlg that provides a Message Dialog Box with not only text, but also title user-defined buttons. The return value can be used in if-then to determine which button was pressed.


id = messagedlg("Info", "Hello World") 'Result is idok because only this button is displayed
id = message("Hello", "Is it nice weather?", MB_YESNO) 'Result is idyes or idno... read more

Posted by Felix Alter 2006-08-27

New Homepage

I asked two times for interested persons who create the FAF-Basic Interpreter Homepage http://fafbasic.sf.net/ in several german Delphi-Forums, but until now noone did something.

Now I decided to use a wiki so there is a platform that allows everyone to write something into the HP. I am going to upload and setup it today.

Be free to create the first entries that belong to FAF-Basic if the empty wiki appears as the Home page. I decided for the main language English.

Posted by Felix Alter 2006-05-01

Second Pre-Alpha Release Released

Hi to everyone who is interested in trying out this Interpreter project and able to understand the German look & feel.

You can now develop simple quizzes because the IF-THEN-statement is introduced. For more changes see the change log or simply try it out.

Please try out the feature that mades an self-interpreting EXEcutable and use the virtual console app binary. So others can test your applications without having FAF-Basic on their PC. Note that your Applications must have an GPL-compatible License because FAF-Basic is GPL-licensed.... read more

Posted by Felix Alter 2006-02-14

First "real" release

everyone who is interested in trying out this Interpreter projecgt and able to understand the German appereance can start now. Ok, there was already a first preview, but now you can try out some new things and write the first simple programs (see the example program for money calculations).
Of course, this release is in development state, but it would be helpful if bugs are already reported in such an early state, so I would be happy if you test the program.
And if you have a special wish about this Interpreter, tell me, because if the project is more highly developed it might be more difficult to change something...

Posted by Felix Alter 2006-02-03