#88 MT-32 Emu update

Malignant Manor

This MT-32 update is from ScummVM code with some changes by ykhwong.
This is based on testbuild_(v5).zip at the DOSBox forum.
This patch compiles and doesn't crash, but I don't have a ROM for further testing.
Read MT-32_patch_notes.txt for more details.


  • Thanks, I'll give it a try in 2011!

  • Hmm, had some time to test it. Seems that patch makes the emu sound a bit different to the original, at least in comparison to our digital audio files. I will have to compare with the real Mt32 but for that I really have no time. The menu music of SI has less "wham" with this patch... Probably would need to be compared directly to the ScummVM code, since we share much of our audio code to begin with.

    • summary: MT-32 update --> MT-32 Emu update
  • I need to test and separate some of this. Some of the removed includes were needed. I moved some that might not be needed to another patch tracker.

  • Munt development picked up again by someone on Vogons. Yhkwong made a newer patch for dosbox based on that and the birds sound better with this. not there yet but better.
    http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=27560 page 3 near the bottom has the yhkwong patch I tried with dosbox.