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Read Me

Data structure:

elem: Three vertices forming a triangle. Given in counter-clockwise order

edge: two vertices forming an edge. For a boundary edge, when we go from
vertex one to vertex two, the computational domain lies to the left of the

tedge: Triangles adjacent to an edge; left is first and then right.

esue: Elements surrounding an element. Required only for implicit scheme

vedge: The vertices opposite to an edge; left first then right. Used for

spts: Solid wall points

bdedge: For each solid wall point, the two boundary edges sharing that point.
Used for calculating wall normal, which is required for inviscid bc.

esubp: Elements surrounding a boundary point. Required for vertex averaging.

ptype: Type of vertex.

   output: FLO.DAT

   input : FLO.DAT 
   output: ADJ.DAT, ADJ.DXY

   input : ADJ.DXY (gradient wrt coordinates)
   output: DEF.OUT (gradient wrt boundary coordinates)

   input : DEF.OUT
   output: gradient wrt shape parameters, maybe HicksHenne

Following functions have been changed

Linear interpolation has been replaced with first order treatment. This would
be more robust while results dont seem to be affected.

* Added entropy fix for |u| eigenvalues in roe flux