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File Date Author Commit
.metadata 2012-01-02 ojuara [r124] Updating JDBCQueryExecutor in order to add para...
AOMApplicationExample 2013-12-18 bernardorufino [r640] Some adjustments due to automatic imports from ...
AOMMongoPersistenceFramework 2014-01-07 guerraem [r642] Revisão inicial do código, substituindo alguns ...
AOMRoleMapper 2014-02-11 guerraem [r645]
AOMRoleMapperBankingExample 2012-04-20 pattymeggy [r403]
AOMRoleMapperMappingExamples 2014-02-12 guerraem [r646]
AOMRoleMapperMedicalExample 2012-08-25 pattymeggy [r506]
AOMRoleMapperTest 2014-01-07 guerraem [r642] Revisão inicial do código, substituindo alguns ...
AlternativeAOM 2014-01-07 guerraem [r642] Revisão inicial do código, substituindo alguns ...
Comparison 2012-10-07 guerraem [r570]
Esfinge Guardian 2013-11-04 silva_jeff [r636]
EsfingeError 2012-10-25 vcanaa [r578]
EsfingeGuardian-ABAC 2013-11-04 silva_jeff [r637]
EsfingeGuardian-MAC 2013-10-07 silva_jeff [r633]
EsfingeGuardian-RBAC 2013-10-07 silva_jeff [r633]
EsfingePlugin 2013-01-18 vcanaa [r598]
GenerifiedExample 2013-12-11 bernardorufino [r638] Example Application
QueryBuilder 2013-02-28 guerraem [r599]
QueryBuilderParser 2013-01-18 vcanaa [r598]
QueryBuilder_JDBC 2012-08-27 lucascheid [r513]
QueryBuilder_JDBC_IntegrationTests 2012-08-27 lucascheid [r514]
QueryBuilder_JDBC_Notebook 2012-04-24 lucascheid [r413]
QueryBuilder_JPA1 2014-02-11 guerraem [r645]
QueryBuilder_JPA1_IntegrationTests 2014-02-11 guerraem [r645]
QueryBuilder_MongoDB 2012-11-15 allanmachado1 [r588]
QueryBuilder_MongoDB_IntegrationTests 2012-11-15 allanmachado1 [r587]
QueryBuilder_Neo4J 2013-06-21 guerraem [r623]
QueryBuilder_Neo4J_IntegrationTests 2012-11-15 allanmachado1 [r585]
QueryBuilder_Neo4J_OOMapper 2012-11-15 allanmachado1 [r589]
SystemGlue 2013-06-24 guerraem [r626]