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File Date Author Commit
3rdparty 2014-12-09 Andrey Kamaev Andrey Kamaev [9582c3] Fix build for Android arm64-v8a
apps 2014-12-08 vbystricky vbystricky [c48f30] Move createsamples application from 2.4 version
cmake 2015-01-15 Vladislav Vinogradov Vladislav Vinogradov [0376a8] fix CMake CMP0054 warning:
data 2014-12-27 Joe Howse Joe Howse [a963ad] Removing whitespace to appease doc builder
doc 2014-12-30 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [f8d099] Added dummy build targets for compatibility
include 2014-07-10 vbystricky vbystricky [d58f73] Split highgui module to videoio and highgui
modules 2015-01-16 Alexander Smorkalov Alexander Smorkalov [cc97c5] Accuracy fix for blenaders in stitching module.
platforms 2014-12-18 Ilya Lavrenov Ilya Lavrenov [96adeb] update android.toolchain.cmake
samples 2015-01-04 Basheer Subei Basheer Subei [fd1cae] typo fix in instructions of sample
.gitattributes 2013-09-14 hbristow hbristow [224f44] Made changes to OpenCVFindMatlab suggested by S...
.gitignore unknown
.tgitconfig 2014-02-25 Linquize Linquize [a22863] Add tgit.icon project config
CMakeLists.txt 2014-12-26 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [ec9a17] Restored PlantUML support for doxygen
LICENSE unknown 2014-02-15 Kirill Kornyakov Kirill Kornyakov [ed1aa7] Replaced Gittip button

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