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File Date Author Commit
3rdparty 20 hours ago Canming Huang Canming Huang [12bf27] Fix for intel composer xe.
apps 2014-08-13 Adil Ibragimov Adil Ibragimov [8a4a1b] Several type of formal refactoring:
cmake 2 days ago Canming Huang Canming Huang [e73f5e] Enable more projects use platform toolset.
data 2014-08-10 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [d0137b] moved part of video to contrib/{outflow, bgsegm...
doc 2014-08-11 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [31df47] moved nonfree and a part of features2d to openc...
include 2014-07-10 vbystricky vbystricky [d58f73] Split highgui module to videoio and highgui
modules 2014-09-06 Canming Huang Canming Huang [50ac39] Fix Windows Store build.
platforms 2014-07-01 Ievgen Khvedchenia Ievgen Khvedchenia [92ead5] Fix cmake to build OpenCV framework on OSX
samples 2014-08-14 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [9a5aa4] trying to solve compile problems; temporarily d...
.gitattributes 2013-09-14 hbristow hbristow [224f44] Made changes to OpenCVFindMatlab suggested by S...
.gitignore 2014-01-10 Ilya Lavrenov Ilya Lavrenov [f197d8] updated .gitignore
.tgitconfig 2014-02-25 Linquize Linquize [a22863] Add tgit.icon project config
CMakeLists.txt 2014-08-05 Alexander Alekhin Alexander Alekhin [fc0f25] make distrib with world (shared libs)
LICENSE 2013-12-18 Andrey Pavlenko Andrey Pavlenko [96f8ff] adding LICENSE file and a sample of its referen... 2014-02-15 Kirill Kornyakov Kirill Kornyakov [ed1aa7] Replaced Gittip button
index.rst 2013-09-21 abidrahmank abidrahmank [899781] GSoC Python Tutorials

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