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File Date Author Commit
3rdparty 2015-09-25 Alexander Alekhin Alexander Alekhin [750162] move IPPICV binaries to GitHub opencv_3rdparty ...
apps 2015-08-04 StevenPuttemans StevenPuttemans [d0344c] add checks for valid input data given to parame...
cmake 2015-09-17 Alexey Ershov Alexey Ershov [5feca5] changed device detection procedure, added resiz...
data 2015-06-22 LaurentBerger LaurentBerger [2f8ef6] move data/detect_blob.png in samples/data
doc 2015-09-13 Adam Adam [37d300] Correction of minor typo.
include 2015-03-16 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [9fbc92] Added cmake option for abi descriptor generatin...
modules 5 days ago Pavel Rojtberg Pavel Rojtberg [345cd1] do not leak GstMapInfo
platforms 2015-09-01 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [e009d7] fixup! Some changes to support mingw-w64
samples 2015-09-27 Kauê de Moraes Vestena Kauê de Moraes Vestena [1bd188] little fixes and correction of a conceptual error
.gitattributes 2013-09-14 hbristow hbristow [224f44] Made changes to OpenCVFindMatlab suggested by S...
.gitignore 2015-03-31 Maxim Kostin Maxim Kostin [412a2a] Added support for 'imgcodecs' module:
.tgitconfig 2014-02-25 Linquize Linquize [a22863] Add tgit.icon project config
CMakeLists.txt 2015-09-10 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [10d8e9] Enabled pthreads backend for mingw 2015-09-17 StevenPuttemans StevenPuttemans [e90376] add link to contributing guidelines
LICENSE 2015-04-07 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [052593] 1. Input/OutputArray optimizations; 2015-08-06 Philipp Hasper Philipp Hasper [29db3c] Update

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Summary of guidelines:

  • One pull request per issue;
  • Choose the right base branch;
  • Include tests and documentation;
  • Clean up "oops" commits before submitting;
  • Follow the coding style guide.