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File Date Author Commit
 3rdparty 21 hours ago Canming Huang Canming Huang [7130a3] Disable neon optimization for iOS build. It is ...
 apps 2015-10-26 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [f49936] Fixed cmake and build issues when using Visual ...
 cmake 2015-12-23 atinfinity atinfinity [d16723] changed to find TBB library(VS2015)
 data 2015-06-22 LaurentBerger LaurentBerger [2f8ef6] move data/detect_blob.png in samples/data
 doc 2015-12-21 Ishank gulati Ishank gulati [fb63cb] path to videocapture-get changed
 include 2015-03-16 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [9fbc92] Added cmake option for abi descriptor generatin...
 modules 2015-12-29 Canming Huang Canming Huang [565800] Fix for Windows 10.
 platforms 2015-12-18 Maksim Shabunin Maksim Shabunin [8d1f5b] Version++ for android
 samples 2015-12-18 Alexander Alekhin Alexander Alekhin [613b28] python: add launch script for winpack python demo
 .gitattributes 2013-09-14 hbristow hbristow [224f44] Made changes to OpenCVFindMatlab suggested by S...
 .gitignore 2015-09-16 Dan Dan [23fc59] Improved thrust interop tutorial.
 .tgitconfig 2014-02-25 Linquize Linquize [a22863] Add tgit.icon project config
 CMakeLists.txt 2016-01-09 Canming Huang Canming Huang [f840c5] Fix for packaging. 2015-09-17 StevenPuttemans StevenPuttemans [e90376] add link to contributing guidelines
 LICENSE 2015-04-07 Vadim Pisarevsky Vadim Pisarevsky [052593] 1. Input/OutputArray optimizations; 2015-08-06 Philipp Hasper Philipp Hasper [29db3c] Update

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Summary of guidelines:

  • One pull request per issue;
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  • Include tests and documentation;
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