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Version 0.0.3 released

Change log:

0.0.3 Changes in JVM: a couple of bugs were fixed.

Changes to java classes:
1) Screen class has been updated with functions related to numeric keyboard display.
2) TextBox, NumericBox, Button classes have been added.

A demo SD card image has been added, run jvm_lpc2939\Debug\demo.bat to see demo application.

Posted by Zashchelkin Sergey 2011-03-03

Version 0.0.2 released

Change log:

0.0.2 Changes in JVM:
1) Multiple dimension array support has been implemented.
2) Exception stack tracing has been added to exception handler.
3) Interface methods definition now is partially supported.

Changes in FAT16 driver:
1) FindDirstFile (find first file by mask) function has been added.

Changes to java classes:
1) All missing exception classes have been added.
2) ArrayList, GraphicsControl, Label classes have been added.... read more

Posted by Zashchelkin Sergey 2011-02-24