#15 Highlighting for presence strings

Julian Scheid

It's important for me to know whether I'm online and what my current status is set to. Showing the indicator in the modeline with different colors depending on status helps with that.

This patch adds the face property to the strings in jabber-presence-strings. As a side effect, the strings will also show up colorized in other places, such as in minibuffer notifications when other people's status changes, but to me that's a welcome side effect.


  • Julian Scheid
    Julian Scheid

    Highlighting for presence strings

  • Hm... dont seems working for me... Status wont change color.

  • Julian Scheid
    Julian Scheid

    evg_krsk, what version of Emacs are you using? I remember having to work around limitations in my Emacs (22.3.1) to make it use the properties in the mode line (that's the risky-variable bit.) Maybe that workaround would have to look different for other versions.

    One of these days I'll upgrade Emacs to the latest release and see if this patch still works for me with latest emacs-jabber trunk.

  • GNU Emacs (i586-alt-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.12.11) of 2008-09-30 on evg.krastel.ru

    I hope to find out some time to play with this patch on next week...

    • assigned_to: nobody --> evg_krsk
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Applied in cvs (cvs? sf supports git nowadays), thanks!