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  • Committed [e1c008]

    Compare nickname as well to find MUC self-presence

  • Committed [095103]

    Use avatar from cache in notifications.el notif...

  • Committed [090c98]

    Require goto-addr before calling goto-address-f...

  • Committed [230370]

    Prepare to observe more than one status code in...

  • Committed [4229a1]

    Note if newly created MUC room is locked to others

  • Committed [d374ff]

    Clear MUC data on disconnection

  • Committed [6113c3]

    Be more clever about identifying self-presence ...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #76 on jabber.el

    I have sort of convinced myself that the right thing to do is to mark the chat prompt...

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