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Read Me


This package contains the djview4 viewer and browser plugin.
This new viewer relies on the DjVulibre library and the Qt toolkit.

- entirely based on the public djvulibre api.
- entirely written in portable Qt4/Qt5.
- works natively under Unix/X11, MS Windows, and MacOS X.
- continuous scrolling of pages
- side-by-side display of pages
- ability to specify a url to the djview command
- all plugin and cgi options available from the command line
- all silly annotations implemented
- display thumbnails as a grid
- display outlines
- page names supported (see djvused command set-page-title) 
- metadata dialog (see djvused command set-meta)
- implemented as reusable Qt widgets

- DjVuLibre >= 3.5.18
- Qt >= 4.4


Under Unix/X11, djview4 can be used as a browser plugin
by means of the small shared library named
The djview3 distributed with djvulibre uses the same approach.

In fact both djview3 and djview4 communicate 
with with the same protocol.  
You can either install the file that comes 
with djview3 or the one that comes with djview4.  
The file uses the viewer specified
with the environment variable NPX_DJVIEW or searches 
an executable viewer named djview, djview4 or djview3.