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Where's the dimdim v4.5 source code.

  • Bruno Gurgel
    Bruno Gurgel

    I'm already using Dimdim (v4.5 rpm packages), but now I need to modify some things on the application. When I downloaded the source code provided in the download section, v4.5, inside the package was the v4.1.
    I tried to download from the Dimdim.com, but they said that the source code was not available, and from cvs I just can find versions 1 and 2.
    Is that anyone with that same problem. Where can I found the v4.5 GPL source Code.

    Kind Regards


  • Anonymous

    Yes, where is this code?

  • Nabil AL-Ward
    Nabil AL-Ward

    The dimdim company have manipulated and lied to us !!! 
    I don't  know ?