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Read Me


DigitalEyes is an OCR (Optical Character Recognizer) developed in C/Caml.

usage : ./digitaleyes[.opt] [processes in chronological order] file
  -noise         Reduces image noise.
  -rotate        Finds angle and rotate image.
  -lessons       Builds the lessons library.
  -clessons      Remove the lessons library.
  -learn         Takes the image and give it to the neural network which compares its output and output wanted and apply backpropagation gradient descent algorithm.
  -learnall      Takes all the files in learning/ directory and gives them to the neural network.
  -block         Detects blocks.
  -init          Reinitializes the Neural Network.
  -o             Saves current file.
  -html          Outputs HTML.
  -nogui         Do not show GTK2+ interface.
  -with-threads  Show GTK2+ interface with threads (default).
  -no-threads    Show GTK2+ interface without threads.
  -help          Display this list of options
  --help         Display this list of options