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A preliminary end

Hello and pardon !

From now on depikt is orphaned - i will not continue to work on it. I've decided definitely never again making any larger GUI with gtk and will improvise with pygtk on Python2.6 so long.

Uploaded another file lineups.tgz. This is a Python table container, created for usability as a model of a table widget and finished. Finished also a subclass with direct connection to sqlite called litelineup. Of course these are Python extension modules also, usable also outside depikt. The code is containing nice error-handling macros, also usable for debugging in development, and a tiny perfect hash-function.... read more

Posted by viciousdog 2010-10-06

This halt from February 2010 on

From December to January i have worked on a mere Python module for a class "Datrix" - a sqlite-bound (with a subclass) model for a tabular widget. That work is finished, but now i have to return to my struggle for survival.

With Datrix i've learned a lot about Python's reference counting - now i'll hopefully be able to find the errors causing the eventual crashes of the dialogue cascade with much less labour. And revise also gtk's reference counting in connection with container widgets - the existing code there might be wrong.... read more

Posted by viciousdog 2010-03-23

November 2009

Nov.25, 2009

Before Nov. 23, depikt had handled destruction
fairly light-hearted, not to say silly. The failing with its cascade of popup windows
in Python threads was the receipt.

After having done a lot for clean applications of
Py_DECREF, g_object_unref and more, what
even resulted in a change of Pikt,
apparently doesn't fail anymore.

Now notices a broken assertion because
of double-destruction, but doesn't crash while
(respective after) closing.... read more

Posted by viciousdog 2009-11-25