This halt from February 2010 on

From December to January i have worked on a mere Python module for a class "Datrix" - a sqlite-bound (with a subclass) model for a tabular widget. That work is finished, but now i have to return to my struggle for survival.

With Datrix i've learned a lot about Python's reference counting - now i'll hopefully be able to find the errors causing the eventual crashes of the dialogue cascade with much less labour. And revise also gtk's reference counting in connection with container widgets - the existing code there might be wrong.

Since i have made tabular widgets with other tools earlier and since i am already drawing tables with cairo for pdf reports, the remaining work for reaching the first goals of depikt can hopefully finished within weeks.

But in February i had to return to my struggle for survival. And prepare my commercial software for sale (using Python 2.64 only). This break will last at least til April 30. Still i am sure to finish depikt before autumn, which is also the premise to port that commercial software to Python3 - a goal i also want to achieve at all events.

Posted by viciousdog 2010-03-23