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Tree [3975b7] default tip /

File Date Author Commit
boost 2015-03-22 poy poy [1d9e45] Revert rev 548c0cb6fc84 (boost regex removal)
bzip2 unknown
dcpp 5 days ago pavel pimenov pavel pimenov [3975b7] condition evaluation optimization
dwarf unknown
dwt 2015-03-22 cologic cologic [fa9b09] re-confirm that BCM_GETIDEALSIZE still fails on...
geoip unknown
help 2015-03-22 poy poy [e98d80] Update translation templates
installer 2015-03-22 poy poy [e98d80] Update translation templates
intl unknown
mingw 2014-03-02 poy poy [b67c81] update ignore rules
miniupnpc 2015-01-11 poy poy [99f821] MiniUPnP 1.9
msvc unknown
natpmp 2015-01-11 poy poy [65d9ae] Update the NAT-PMP library
openssl 2015-03-22 poy poy [e4749e] OpenSSL 1.0.2a
po4a unknown
res unknown
schemas unknown
scripts unknown
test unknown
utils unknown
win32 2015-03-22 poy poy [e98d80] Update translation templates
zlib unknown
.hgignore 2014-03-03 poy poy [7dedb8] update scripts regarding the bzr->hg conversion
ADC.txt unknown
COPYING.TXT 2015-01-11 poy poy [96b512] 2015 copyright
Compile.txt 2015-01-11 poy poy [0aaa5c] GCC 4.9
Doxyfile unknown
License.txt 2015-01-11 poy poy [96b512] 2015 copyright
NMDC extensions.txt unknown
Plugin format (dcext).txt unknown
SConstruct 2015-01-11 poy poy [3a998f] C++14
ThirdPartyLicenses.txt unknown
Translations.txt 2014-03-23 poy poy [f71eef] update i18n instructions
build_util.py unknown
changelog.txt 2015-03-22 cologic cologic [f7eae2] support only secp256r1/prime256v1/P-256 ellipti...
dcppboot.nonlocal.xml unknown
dcppboot.xml unknown
gch.py unknown