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Read Me

DataNucleus provides a series of products focussing on data management.
These products are formed from the services contained in each of these
directories. They are
1. platform : all plugins are developed in this directory. The products are
built from the plugins.
2. test : all end-to-end tests are contained in this directory.
3. tools : series of value-adding tools for DataNucleus
4. documentation : current documentation for the DataNucleus products.

DataNucleus is Open Source, meaning that the source code is available for
download. Use of DataNucleus and its source code is governed by the included
LICENSE.txt. Please refer to http://www.datanucleus.org for the latest news
and functionality of DataNucleus products.

We hope you enjoy using this software.
DataNucleus http://www.datanucleus.org