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Read Me

Lame acronym*: Advanced Database Heightened Website []

    * Vital Details
    * Download
    * License
    * Requirements
    * Propaganda
    * Domonstration
    * Contact & Support

* A tribute to Boris :-)

Vital Details

Vitally important details:

    * CODING_STANDARDS (Basic Coding Standards)
    * HIER (File Structure Information)
    * INSTALL (Installation Instructions)
    * LICENSE (The Lincense(s))
    * README (General Information)

Download DatabaseWebsite

Download from our server, or from…

    * Releases (Production Releases)
    * UNSTABLE (Live Development Build)
    * (SVN Browse)
    * svn co databasewebsite


DatabaseWebsite is released under one of the following (copy-left) licenses:

    * GPL
    * LGPL
    * MPL


    * PHP 5
          o php.ini:
                + short_open_tag = On (so we can do this: <?=$some_variable?>)
                + register_globals = Off (security reasons)
          o GD extension (for some features)
          o MySQL extension
    * MySQL
    * A webserver that supports ".htaccess" and "mod_rewrite"
          o Apache
          o XAMPP
          o ISAPI_Rewrite Lite (hack for IIS) (download .msi)


DatabaseWebsite is an open-source (copy-lefted) project by AAA Advanced, L.C.

PHP/MySQL Database Driven Website. Included Modules: CMS, CRM, Blog, Photo Gallery, User/Groups Auth., Event Calendar. Simplistic source code makes a highly extensible website framework. Our goal is to make adding custom modules as simple as possible.

After years of creating thousands of websites for hundreds of customers with many differing needs, we rolled up everything we've ever been asked to create for a website, gpl-ed it, tarred it up, and here it is…

Another PHP/MySQL website engine mobilizer muffler bearing.

Simply put, not many people enjoy trying make a website out of a bunch of different open source projects. Who among us hasn't been faced with the task of creating a "seamlessly transparent" website using osCommerce, WordPress, PHPbb, something else, something else, Joomla, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah? We all have, and it sucks.

So by putting everything we've ever been asked to write, or implement into one (simply written) php package, we hope to bring world peace into reality.

We use procedural PHP because we believe that complicated websites can be simple (and fast) to write and extend.

Notably, we are using FCKeditor for some of our data-entry textareas -- when a better (for our needs) WYSIWYG presents itself (to us), we'll add the option.

Project goals are: simple code, every possible (within reason) website function met, simple deployment, reasonably high compatibility (PHP/MySQL, who cares for ASP?), a happy user-base.

    * Front End
    * Back End
          o Administrator: (currently disabled)
                + Username: admin
                + Password: password
          o Customer: (currently disabled)
                + Username: customer
                + Password: password

Contact & Support

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Š2001-2009 AAA Advanced, L.C., All Rights Reserved.